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WA, Australia
Waaia, VIC, Australia
Waanyarra, VIC, Australia
Wabba, VIC, Australia
Wacol, QLD, Australia
Waddi, NSW, Australia
Wadebridge, England
Wadhurst, England
Wadlaminga, SA, Australia
Wadnaminga, SA, Australia
Wagerup, WA, Australia
Wagga Wagga North, NSW, Australia
Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia
Waggarandall, VIC, Australia
Wagin, WA, Australia
Wagonga, NSW, Australia
Wagra, NSW, Australia
Wagra, Vic, Australia
Wagragobilly, NSW, Australia
Wahgunyah, VIC, Australia
Wahring, VIC, Australia
Wahroonga, NSW, Australia
Waikaia, New Zealand
Waikaka, New Zealand
Waikari, New Zealand
Waikato, New Zealand
Waikerie, SA, Australia
Waikouaiti, New Zealand
Wail, VIC, Australia
Waimate, New Zealand
Waipara, New Zealand
Waipawa, New Zealand
Waipori, New Zealand
Wairoa, New Zealand
Waitahuna, New Zealand
Waitara, New Zealand
Waitara, NSW, Australia
Waitchie, VIC, Australia
Waiuku, New Zealand
Wakefield, England
Wakefield, NSW, Australia
Wakefield, SA, Australia
Wakiti Creek, VIC, Australia
Wakool, NSW, Australia
Wal Wal, VIC, Australia
Walbundrie, NSW, Australia
Walcha Road, NSW, Australia
Walcha, NSW, Australia
Walebing, WA, Australia
Wales, England
Walford, England
Walgett, NSW, Australia
Walgrave, England
Walhalla, VIC, Australia
Walkaway, WA, Australia
Walkden, England
Walker, England
Walkerston, QLD, Australia
Walkerton, Canada
Walkerville, SA, Australia
Walkley, England
Walla Walla, NSW, Australia
Wallabadah, NSW, Australia
Wallace, VIC, Australia
Wallacedale, VIC, Australia
Wallacetown, NSW, Australia
Wallagoot Lake, NSW, Australia
Wallalong, NSW, Australia
Wallambah River, NSW, Australia
Wallambah, NSW, Australia
Wallan Wallan, VIC, Australia
Wallan, VIC, Australia
Wallangarra, NSW, Australia
Wallangarra, QLD, Australia
Wallangra NSW Australia
Wallangra, NSW, Australia
Wallarah, NSW, Australia
Wallarobba, NSW, Australia
Wallaroo Mines, SA, Australia
Wallaroo, NSW, Australia
Wallaroo, QLD, Australia
Wallaroo, SA, Australia
Wallaroo, WA, Australia
Wallasey, England
Wallaway, SA, Australia
Wallcliffe, WA, Australia
Wallenbeen, NSW, Australia
Wallendbeen, NSW, Australia
Wallerawang, NSW, Australia
Wallingford, England
Wallington, England
Wallington, VIC, Australia
Walloon, QLD, Australia
Walloway, SA, Australia
Walls, Scotland
Wallsend, England
Wallsend, NSW, Australia
Wallumbilla, QLD, Australia
Wallup, VIC, Australia
Walmer, England
Walmer, VIC, Australia
Walsall, England
Walshtown, Ireland
Walsingham, England
Waltham Abbey, England
Waltham, England
Walthamstow, England
Walton, England
Walton, QLD, Australia
Walwa, VIC, Australia
Walworth, England
Wamberal, NSW, Australia
Wamboin, NSW, Australia
Wanaaring, NSW, Australia
Wanalta, VIC, Australia
Wanborough, England
Wandandian, NSW, Australia
Wandearah, SA, Australia
Wandella, NSW, Australia
Wandering, WA, Australia
Wandiligong, VIC, Australia
Wandin Yallock, VIC, Australia
Wandin, VIC, Australia
Wando Vale, VIC, Australia
Wandong, VIC, Australia
Wandsworth, England
Wandsworth, NSW, Australia
Wang Wauk, NSW, Australia
Wanganella, NSW, Australia
Wanganui, New Zealand
Wanganui, NSW, Australia
Wangaratta, VIC, Australia
Wangat, NSW, Australia
Wangoom, VIC, Australia
Wangoon, VIC, Australia
Wanna, QLD, Australia
Wanna, SA, Australia
Wannamal, WA, Australia
Wanneroo, WA, Australia
Wannon, VIC, Australia
Wansford, England
Wanstead, England
Wanstead, New Zealand
Wantage, England
Waranga, VIC, Australia
Waratah Bay, VIC, Australia
Waratah, NSW, Australia
Waratah, TAS, Australia
Waratah, VIC, Australia
Warboys, England
Warburton, VIC, Australia
Warcop, England
Wardell, NSW, Australia
Warden, England
Wardering, WA, Australia
Wardington, England
Wardley, England
Wards River, NSW, Australia
Wardsville, Canada
Ware, England
Wareek, VIC, Australia
Wareham, England
Warfield, England
Wargrave, England
Warialda, NSW, Australia
Warilda, NSW, Australia
Warilla, NSW, Australia
Warina, SA, Australia
Wark, England
Warkworth, New Zealand
Warkworth, NSW, Australia
Warley, England
Warminster, England
Warncoort, VIC, Australia
Warners Bay, NSW, Australia
Warnertown, SA, Australia
Warnervale, NSW, Australia
Warneton, NSW, Australia
Warnham, England
Warooka, SA, Australia
Waroona, WA, Australia
Warra, QLD, Australia
Warrabri, SA, Australia
Warracknabeal, VIC, Australia
Warragul, VIC, Australia
Warrah, NSW, Australia
Warrak, VIC, Australia
Warrambeen, VIC, Australia
Warrambine, VIC, Australia
Warramboo, SA, Australia
Warrandyte, VIC, Australia
Warratta Vale, SA, Australia
Warrell Creek, NSW, Australia
Warren, NSW, Australia
Warren, WA, Australia
Warrenbayne, VIC, Australia
Warrenben, SA, Australia
Warrenheip, VIC, Australia
Warrenmang, VIC, Australia
Warrigal, NSW, Australia
Warrington, England
Warrington, Ireland
Warrinilla, QLD, Australia
Warrion, VIC, Australia
Warrnambool, VIC, Australia
Warroo, NSW, Australia
Warrow, SA, Australia
Wartling, England
Warton, England
Wartook, VIC, Australia
Warunda, SA, Australia
Warwick Creek, NSW, Australia
Warwick, England
Warwick, QLD Australia
Warwick, QLD, Australia
Warwick, WA, Australia
Warwickshire, England
Washbrook, England
Washington, England
Washington, USA
Wasleys, SA, Australia
Watchem, VIC, Australia
Watchet, England
Watchupga, VIC, Australia
Waterbeach, England
Waterfall Gully, SA, Australia
Waterfall, NSW, Australia
Waterfoot, England
Waterford, England
Waterford, Ireland
Waterford, QLD, Australia
Waterford, VIC, Australia
Waterhouse Island, TAS, Australia
Wateringbury, England
Waterloo, England
Waterloo, NSW, Australia
Waterloo, SA, Australia
Waterloo, VIC, Australia
Waterloo, WA, Australia
Waterlooville, England
Waterperry, England
Watervale, SA, Australia
Waterville, Ireland
Watford, England
Watgania, VIC, Australia
Wath, England
Watheroo, WA, Australia
Watlington, England
Watnall, England
Watsons Bay, NSW, Australia
Watsons Creek, VIC, Australia
Watsonville, QLD, Australia
Wattagan, NSW, Australia
Wattamondara, NSW, Australia
Watten, Scotland
Wattle Flat, NSW, Australia
Wattle Flat, SA, Australia
Wattle Hill, TAS, Australia
Wattlebank, QLD, Australia
Watton, England
Waubra, VIC, Australia
Wauchope, NSW, Australia
Waukaringa, SA, Australia
Wauraltee, SA, Australia
Waurn Ponds, VIC, Australia
Waverley, England
Waverley, New Zealand
Waverley, NSW, Australia
Waverley, SA, Australia
Waverly, NSW, Australia
Wayo, NSW, Australia
Wayville, SA, Australia
Wealdstone, England
Weatherboard, VIC, Australia
Weatherby, ENGLAND
Webbs Creek, NSW, Australia
Wedderburn Junction, VIC, Australia
Wedderburn, NSW, Australia
Wedderburn, VIC, Australia
Wedge Bay, Tas, Australia
Wedmore, England
Wednesbury, England
Wednesfield, England
Wee Jasper, NSW, Australia
Wee Waa, NSW, Australia
Wee Wee Rup, VIC, Australia
Weeah, VIC, Australia
Weedon, England
Weering, VIC, Australia
Weerite, VIC, Australia
Weetangera, NSW, Australia
Weetulta, SA, Australia
Wehla, VIC, Australia
Weighbridge, England
Weismantels, NSW, Australia
Welaregang, NSW, Australia
Welbury, England
Weldborough, TAS, Australia
Welford, England
Welford, QLD, Australia
Welland, SA, Australia
Wellingborough, England
Wellingrove, NSW, Australia
Wellington Point, QLD, Australia
Wellington, England
Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington, NSW, Australia
Wellington, SA, Australia
Wellington, Tas, Australia
Wells, England
Welshmans, VIC, Australia
Welshpool, England
Welshpool, VIC, Australia
Welshpool, WA, Australia
Welshpool, Wales
Wem, England
Wendouree, VIC, Australia
Wendover, England
Wenhaston, England
Wensleydale, VIC, Australia
Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia
Wentworth, England
Wentworth, NSW, Australia
Wentworthville, NSW, Australia
Wepowie, SA, Australia
Werona, VIC, Australia
Werribee, VIC, Australia
Werris Creek, NSW, Australia
Werriwa, NSW, Australia
Wesley Vale, TAS, Australia
West Auckland, England
West Bromwich, England
West Burleigh, QLD, Australia
West Calder, Scotland
West Charlton, Victoria
West Chiltington, England
West Coast, New Zealand
West Coast, Tas, Australia
West Derby, England
West Drayton, England
West End, England
West End, QLD, Australia
West Footscray, VIC, Australia
West Grinstead, England
West Haldon, QLD, Australia
West Ham, England
West Hampstead, England
West Hendon, England
West Hindmarsh, SA, Australia
West Hobart, TAS, Australia
West Ipswich, QLD, Australia
West Kempsey, NSW, Australia
West Kensington, England
West Kentish, TAS, Australia
West Kilbride, Scotland
West Kirby, England
West Lavington, England
West Leederville, WA, Australia
West Lothian, Scotland
West Malling, England
West Meath, Ireland
West Melbourne, VIC, Australia
West Norwood, England
West Pelton, England
West Perth, WA, Australia
West Pine, TAS, Australia
West Tamar, TAS, Australia
West Tamworth, NSW, Australia
West Wallsend, NSW, Australia
West Wyalong, NSW, Australia
West Wycombe, England
Westbourne Park, SA, Australia
Westbourne, Ireland
Westbrook, NSW, Australia
Westbrook, QLD, Australia
Westbury Leigh, England
Westbury, England
Westbury, TAS, Australia
Westcott, England
Westerdale, England
Westerham, England
Western Creek, QLD, Australia
Western Creek, TAS, Australia
Western Creek, VIC, Australia
Western Port, VIC, Australia
Westfield, England
Westgate on Sea, England
Westgate, England
Westham, England
Westholme, NSW, Australia
Westhoughton, England
Westleton, England
Westmead, NSW, Australia
Westmeath, Ireland
Westminster, England
Weston, England
Weston, NSW, Australia
Westport, England
Westport, Ireland
Westport, New Zealand
Westport, NSW, Australia
Westray, Scotland
Westwell, England
Westwood, QLD, Australia
Westwood, Tas, Australia
Wetherby, England
Wetheron, QLD, Australia
Wexford, Ireland
Wexham, England
Weybridge, England
Weymouth, England
Whaddon, England
Whalan, NSW, Australia
Whaley Bridge, England
Whalley, England
Whangarei, New Zealand
Whangaroa, New Zealand
Wharparilla, Vic, Australia
Whatley, England
Wheatfield, England
Wheatley, England
Wheelers Hill, VIC, Australia
Wheeo, NSW, Australia
Whelford, England
Whickham, England
Whinstone Range, NSW, Australia
Whissendine, England
Whissonsett, NSW, Australia
Whitburn, England
Whitburn, Scotland
Whitby, England
Whitchurch, England
Whitchurch, Wales
White Cliffs, NSW, Australia
White Cliffs, SA, Australia
White Gum Valley, WA, Australia
White Hills, TAS, Australia
White Hills, VIC, Australia
White Hut, SA, Australia
White Rock, NSW, Australia
White Swamp, NSW, Australia
Whitechapel, England
Whitechurch, Ireland
Whitefield, England
Whitefoord Hills, TAS, Australia
Whitefoord, TAS, Australia
Whitehaven, England
Whitehaven, NSW, Australia
Whitehead, Ireland
Whiteheads Creek, VIC, Australia
Whitehills, Scotland
Whiteinch, Scotland
Whitelaw, VIC, Australia
Whitemark, TAS, Australia
Whitemore, ENGLAND
Whitemore, TAS, Australia
Whites River, SA, Australia
Whitfield, England
Whitfield, VIC, Australia
Whitford, England
Whitford, New Zealand
Whithorn, Scotland
Whiting Bay, Scotland
Whitland, Wales
Whitley Bay, England
Whitley, England
Whitminster, England
Whitstable, England
Whitstone, England
Whittingham, England
Whittington, England
Whittlesea, VIC, Australia
Whitton, NSW, Australia
Whitton, Scotland
Whitwarta, SA, Australia
Whitwarter, SA, Australia
Whitwell, England
Whorouly, VIC, Australia
Whroo, VIC, Australia
Whyte Yarcowie, SA, Australia
Wibsey, England
Wichita, USA
Wick, England
Wick, Scotland
Wickham Market, England
Wickham, England
Wickham, NSW, Australia
Wickliffe, VIC, Australia
Wicklow, Ireland
Widgee Creek, QLD, Australia
Widgeegoara, QLD, Australia
Widnes, England
Wigam England
Wigan, England
Wigston, England
Wigton, England
Wigton, QLD, Australia
Wigton, Scotland
Wigtown, Scotland
Wilberforce, NSW, Australia
Wilberforce, WA, Australia
Wilbertree, NSW, Australia
Wilby, NSW, Australia
Wilby, VIC, Australia
Wilcannia, NSW, Australia
Wild Horse Plains, SA, Australia
Wildes Meadow, NSW, Australia
Wildwood, VIC, Australia
Wilga, NSW, Australia
Wilgena, SA, Australia
Willah, VIC, Australia
Willamulka, SA, Australia
Willand, England
Willaston, England
Willaston, SA, Australia
Willaura, VIC, Australia
Willawarrin, NSW, Australia
Willenabrina, VIC, Australia
Willenhall, England
Willesden Junction, England
Willesden, England
William Creek, SA, Australia
Williams River, NSW, Australia
Williams River, WA, Australia
Williams, WA, Australia
Williamsdale, NSW, Australia
Williamstown, Ireland
Williamstown, SA, Australia
Williamstown, VIC, Australia
Williamtown, NSW, Australia
Willina, NSW, Australia
Willingham, England
Willington, England
Williton, England
Willochra, SA, Australia
Willoughby, NSW, Australia
Willow Grove, VIC, Australia
Willow Tree, NSW, Australia
Willowie, SA, Australia
Willowmavin, VIC, Australia
Willowtree, NSW, Australia
Willung, VIC, Australia
Willunga, SA, Australia
Wilmington, SA, Australia
Wilmot, TAS, Australia
Wilmslow, England
Wilpena, SA, Australia
Wilsons Downfall, NSW, Australia
Wilsons Plains, QLD, Australia
Wilston, Qld, Australia
Wilton, England
Wilton, New Zealand
Wilton, NSW, Australia
Wiltshire, England
Wimbledon, England
Wimbledon, NSW, Australia
Wincanton, England
Winchcombe, England
Winchelsea, England
Winchelsea, VIC, Australia
Winchester, England
Winchester, New Zealand
Winchester, WA, Australia
Winchfield, England
Windaroo, QLD, Australia
Windellama, NSW, Australia
Windera, QLD, Australia
Windermere, England
Windermere, NSW, Australia
Windermere, VIC, Australia
Windeyer, NSW, Australia
Windhill, England
Windlesham, England
Windorah, QLD, Australia
Windsor, England
Windsor, NSW, Australia
Windsor, QLD, Australia
Windsor, SA, Australia
Windsor, VIC, Australia
Wingate, England
Wingello, NSW, Australia
Wingen, NSW, Australia
Wingfield, England
Wingham, England
Wingham, NSW, Australia
Wingrave, England
Winkburn, England
Winkfield, England
Winkleigh, TAS, Australia
Winnington, England
Winninowie, SA, Australia
Winnipeg, Canada
Winscombe, England
Winsford, England
Winshill, England
Winslow, England
Winslow, VIC, Australia
Winson, England
Winsor, England
Winster, England
Winston, England
Winterthur, Switzerland
Winterton, England
Winton, England
Winton, New Zealand
Winton, NSW, Australia
Winton, QLD, Australia
Winton, VIC, Australia
Winulta, SA, Australia
Wirrabara, SA, Australia
Wisbech, England
Wisconsin, USA
Wisemans Ferry, NSW, Australia
Wishaw, Scotland
Wispington, England
Wistow, SA, Australia
Witchampton, England
Witchford, England
Witchipool, VIC, Australia
Witham, England
Withern, England
Withernsea, England
Withington, England
Withyham, England
Witney, England
Witton Gilbert, England
Witton, England
Wiveliscombe, England
Wivelsfield, England
Wivenhoe, England
Wivenhoe, TAS, Australia
Woburn, England
Wodonga, VIC, Australia
Wog Wog, NSW, Australia
Wokalup, WA, Australia
Woking, England
Wokingham, England
Wokurna, SA, Australia
Wold Newton, England
Wollar, NSW, Australia
Wollaston, England
Wollert, VIC, Australia
Wollombi, NSW, Australia
Wollomombi NSW
Wollomombi, NSW, Australia
Wollongbar, NSW, Australia
Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Wollstonecraft, NSW, Australia
Wollun, NSW, Australia
Wolseley, SA, Australia
Wolseley, South Africa
Wolsingham, England
Wolstanton, England
Wolumla, NSW, Australia
Wolverhampton, England
Wolverton, England
Wolvi, QLD, Australia
Wombat, NSW, Australia
Wombelano, VIC, Australia
Wombeyan Caves, NSW, Australia
Womboota, NSW, Australia
Wombwell, England
Won Wron, VIC, Australia
Wonbah, QLD, Australia
Wondai, QLD, Australia
Wondalga, NSW, Australia
Wongamine, WA, Australia
Wongarbon, NSW, Australia
Wongwibinda, NSW, Australia
Wonnerup, WA, Australia
Wonston, England
Wonthaggi, VIC, Australia
Wonwondah, VIC, Australia
Wooburn Green, England
Wood Green, England
Wood Wood, VIC, Australia
Woodanilling, WA, Australia
Woodbridge, England
Woodbridge, TAS, Australia
Woodburn, NSW, Australia
Woodbury, New Zealand
Woodbury, TAS, Australia
Woodchester, England
Woodchester, SA, Australia
Woodchurch, England
Woodenbong, NSW, Australia
Woodend, New Zealand
Woodend, Scotland
Woodend, VIC, Australia
Woodfield, VIC, Australia
Woodford Bridge, England
Woodford, England
Woodford, Ireland
Woodford, NSW, Australia
Woodford, QLD, Australia
Woodford, VIC, Australia
Woodgreen, England
Woodham Ferrers, England
Woodhill, NSW, Australia
Woodhill, QLD, Australia
Woodhouse, England
Woodhouselee, NSW, Australia
Woodland, England
Woodlands, Ireland
Woodlands, New Zealand
Woodlands, NSW, Australia
Woodlawn, Ireland
Woodlawn, NSW, Australia
Woodleigh, VIC, Australia
Woods Point, VIC, Australia
Woodsdale, TAS, Australia
Woodside, England
Woodside, NSW, Australia
Woodside, SA, Australia
Woodside, Scotland
Woodside, VIC, Australia
Woodspoint Victoria Austrlia
Woodstock On Loddon, VIC, Australia
Woodstock, England
Woodstock, Ireland
Woodstock, NSW, Australia
Woodstock, QLD, Australia
Woodstock, TAS, Australia
Woodstock, VIC, Australia
Woodvale, VIC, Australia
Woodville, New Zealand
Woodville, NSW, Australia
Woodville, SA, Australia
Woody Point, QLD, Australia
Wool Bay, SA, Australia
Woolamai, VIC, Australia
Woolaston, England
Woolavington, England
Woolbrook, NSW, Australia
Wooler, England
Woolgoolga, NSW, Australia
Woollahra, NSW, Australia
Woolloomooloo, NSW, Australia
Woolloongabba, QLD, Australia
Woolnorth, TAS, Australia
Woolomin, NSW, Australia
Woolooware, NSW, Australia
Wooloowin, QLD, Australia
Woolpit, England
Woolshed Flat, SA, Australia
Woolsthorpe, England
Woolsthorpe, VIC, Australia
Woolston, England
Woolstone, England
Woolwich, England
Woolwich, NSW, Australia
Woomargama, NSW, Australia
Woombye, QLD, Australia
Woomelang, VIC, Australia
Woongarra, QLD, Australia
Woonona, NSW, Australia
Wooragee, VIC, Australia
Woorarra East, VIC, Australia
Woorarra, VIC, Australia
Woori Yallock, VIC, Australia
Woorndoo, VIC, Australia
Wooroloo, WA, Australia
Wooroolin, QLD, Australia
Wooroowoolgan, NSW, Australia
Woosang, VIC, Australia
Wooton, England
Wootton Bassett, England
Wootton, England
Worcester Park, England
Worcester, England
Worcester, South Africa
Worcestershire, England
Wordsley, England
Workington, England
Worksop, England
Worlds End, SA, Australia
Wormhill, England
Wormingford, England
Wormley, England
Worsley, WA, Australia
Worston, England
Worth, England
Worthing, England
Worthington, England
Wotton, England
Woy Woy, NSW, Australia
Wragby, England
Wrecclesham, England
Wrenbury, England
Wrentham, England
Wrexham, England
Wrexham, Wales
Wrotham, England
Wroughton, England
Wuk Wuk, VIC, Australia
Wunghnu, VIC, Australia
Wungong, WA, Australia
Wurdiboluc, VIC, Australia
Wurruk, VIC, Australia
Wy Yung, Vic, Australia
Wyalong, NSW, Australia
Wyandra, QLD, Australia
Wybong, NSW, Australia
Wycarbah, QLD, Australia
Wycheproof Vic Australia
Wycheproof, VIC, Australia
Wychitella, VIC, Australia
Wycombe, England
Wye, England
Wyee, NSW, Australia
Wymah, NSW, Australia
Wymondham, England
Wyndham, New Zealand
Wyndham, NSW, Australia
Wyndham, WA, Australia
Wynnum, QLD, Australia
Wynyard, TAS, Australia
Wyoming, NSW, Australia
Wyong Creek, NSW, Australia
Wyong, NSW, Australia
Wyrallah, NSW, Australia
Wyreema, QLD, Australia
Wyuna, VIC, Australia