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Raby, England
Radbourne, England
Radcliffe on Trent, England
Radford, England
Radford, QLD, Australia
Radlett, England
Radley, England
Radom, Poland
Radway, England
Raglan, England
Raglan, New Zealand
Raglan, NSW, Australia
Raglan, QLD, Australia
Raglan, VIC, Australia
Railton, TAS, Australia
Railway Town, NSW, Australia
Rainbow Reach, NSW, Australia
Rainbow, VIC, Australia
Rainham, England
Rainville, NSW, Australia
Raleigh, NSW, Australia
Raloo, Ireland
Ramahyuck, VIC, Australia
Raminea, TAS, Australia
Ramornie, NSW, Australia
Ramsay, QLD, Australia
Ramsbottom, England
Ramsden, England
Ramsey, England
Ramsgate, England
Ramsgate, NSW, Australia
Ramsgate, TAS, Australia
Ranchi, India
Randalstown, Ireland
Randers, Denmark
Randfontein, South Africa
Randwick, NSW, Australia
Ranelagh, TAS, Australia
Rangers Valley, NSW, Australia
Rangeworthy, England
Rangiora, New Zealand
Raphoe, Ireland
Rapid Bay, SA, Australia
Rappville, NSW, Australia
Rasharkin, Ireland
Ratford, England
Rathdrum, Ireland
Rathfriland, Ireland
Rathmore, Ireland
Rathscar, VIC, Australia
Rathven, Scotland
Raunds, England
Ravello, Italy
Ravenglass, England
Ravensbourne, QLD, Australia
Ravensthorpe, England
Ravensthorpe, WA, Australia
Ravenstonedale, England
Ravenswood, QLD, Australia
Ravenswood, TAS, Australia
Ravenswood, VIC, Australia
Ravensworth, England
Ravensworth, NSW, Australia
Rawden Island, NSW, Australia
Rawdon Island, NSW, Australia
Rawdon, NSW, Australia
Raworth, NSW, Australia
Rawsonville, NSW, Australia
Rawtenstall, England
Raydon, England
Rayleigh, England
Raymond Island, VIC, Australia
Raymond Terrace, NSW, Australia
Rayne, England
Raynham, England
Raywood, VIC, Australia
Razorback, NSW, Australia
Read, England
Reading, England
Reading, UK
Recherche Bay, TAS, Australia
Recherche, Tas, Australia
Red Bank, SA, Australia
Red Hill, England
Red Hill, NSW, Australia
Red Hill, QLD, Australia
Red Hill, VIC, Australia
Red Hill, WA, Australia
Red Hills, TAS, Australia
Red Jacket, VIC, Australia
Red Range, NSW, Australia
Redan, VIC, Australia
Redbank Plains, QLD, Australia
Redbank, NSW, Australia
Redbank, Qld, Australia
Redbank, SA, Australia
Redbank, VIC, Australia
Redbanks, SA, Australia
Redbourne, England
Redbridge, NSW, Australia
Redcar, England
Redcastle, VIC, Australia
Redcliffe, England
Redcliffe, Qld, Australia
Reddestone, NSW, Australia
Redditch, England
Redesdale Junction, VIC, Australia
Redesdale, VIC, Australia
Redfern, NSW, Australia
Redford, England
Redhill, England
Redhill, SA, Australia
Redland Bay, QLD, Australia
Redlands, NSW, Australia
Redruth, England
Redruth, SA, Australia
Redruth, VIC, Australia
Reedsdale, NSW, Australia
Reedy Creek Mines, SA, Australia
Reedy Creek, NSW, Australia
Reedy Creek, SA, Australia
Reedy Creek, VIC, Australia
Reedy Dam, VIC, Australia
Reedy Flat, VIC, Australia
Reedy Lake, VIC, Australia
Reedy Marsh, TAS, Australia
Reefton, New Zealand
Reefton, NSW, Australia
Reepham, England
Reeth, England
Reeves Plains, SA, Australia
Regent, Vic, Australia
Regina, Canada
Reid River, QLD, Australia
Reids Flat, NSW, Australia
Reidsdale, NSW, Australia
Reigate, England
Reighton, England
Rekuna, TAS, Australia
Relbia, TAS, Australia
Remenham, England
Remich, Luxembourg
Rendelsham, SA, Australia
Rendlesham, England
Renfrew, Canada
Renfrew, Scotland
Renfrewshire, Scotland
Renison Bell, TAS, Australia
Renmark SA Australia
Renmark, SA, Australia
Reno, NSW, Australia
Renton, Scotland
Repton, NSW, Australia
Research, VIC, Australia
Reston, Scotland
Retford, England
Revesby, England
Reynella, SA, Australia
Rhayader, Wales
Rheola, VIC, Australia
Rhine Flat, SA, Australia
Rhine Villa, SA, Australia
Rhode Island, USA
Rhostyllen, Wales
Rhyanna, NSW, Australia
Rhyl, Wales
Rhymney, VIC, Australia
Rhyndaston, TAS, Australia
Rhynie, SA, Australia
Rhynie, Scotland
Riana, TAS, Australia
Ribe, Denmark
Riccall, England
Riccarton, Scotland
Richardson, NSW, Australia
Richmond Downs, QLD, Australia
Richmond Plains, VIC, Australia
Richmond River, NSW, Australia
Richmond Vale, NSW, Australia
Richmond, England
Richmond, NSW, Australia
Richmond, QLD, Australia
Richmond, SA, Australia
Richmond, TAS, Australia
Richmond, USA
Richmond, VIC, Australia
Rickinghall, England
Rickmansworth, England
Riddells Creek, VIC, Australia
Riddings, England
Ridgeside, TAS, Australia
Ridgeway, TAS, Australia
Ridgley, TAS, Australia
Ridleyton, SA, Australia
Ridlington, England
Riga, Latvia
Riggs Creek, VIC, Australia
Rileys Hill, NSW, Australia
Rillington, England
Rimpton, England
Ringabella, Ireland
Ringarooma River, TAS, Australia
Ringarooma, TAS, Australia
Ringerike, Norway
Ringmer, England
Ringstead, England
Ringsted, Denmark
Ringwood, England
Ringwood, VIC, Australia
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Ripley, England
Ripon, England
Ripon, VIC, Australia
Ripponlea, VIC, Australia
Risca, Wales
Risdon Vale, TAS, Australia
Risdon, TAS, Australia
Rise, England
Riseley, England
Rishton, England
Rishton, QLD, Australia
River Forth, TAS, Australia
River Plenty, TAS, Australia
Riverhead, England
Riverside, USA
Riverstone, NSW, Australia
Riverton, New Zealand
Riverton, SA, Australia
Rivertree, NSW, Australia
Riverview, NSW, Australia
Riverview, QLD, Australia
Rixs Creek, NSW, Australia
Roadvale, QLD, Australia
Roath, Wales
Rob Roy, NSW, Australia
Robe, SA, Australia
Robertsbridge, England
Robertson, NSW, Australia
Robertstown, SA, Australia
Robinson, WA, Australia
Roborough, England
Rochdale, England
Rochdale, Lancashire, England
Rocherlea, TAS, Australia
Rochester, England
Rochester, SA, Australia
Rochester, VIC, Australia
Rochford, England
Rochford, QLD, Australia
Rochford, VIC, Australia
Rock, England
Rockbank Victoria, Australia
Rockbank, VIC, Australia
Rockdale, NSW, Australia
Rockfield, NSW, Australia
Rockford, England
Rockhampton, QLD, Australia
Rockingham, WA, Australia
Rocklands, WA, Australia
Rocklea, QLD, Australia
Rockleigh, SA, Australia
Rockley, NSW, Australia
Rockley, SA, Australia
Rocklyn, VIC, Australia
Rockton, NSW, Australia
Rockvale, NSW, Australia
Rockville, USA
Rockwell, NSW, Australia
Rockwood, QLD, Australia
Rocky Cape, TAS, Australia
Rocky Creek, NSW, Australia
Rocky Gully, SA, Australia
Rocky Hall, NSW, Australia
Rocky Lead, VIC, Australia
Rocky Ponds, NSW, Australia
Rocky River, NSW, Australia
Rocky River, SA, Australia
Rocky, QLD, Australia
Rodborough, VIC, Australia
Rodbourne, England
Rodby, Denmark
Rodney, QLD, Australia
Roebourne, WA, Australia
Roelands, WA, Australia
Roffey, England
Rogart, Scotland
Rokeby, TAS, Australia
Rokeby, VIC, Australia
Rokewood Junction, VIC, Australia
Rokewood, VIC, Australia
Roland, TAS, Australia
Rollands Plains, NSW, Australia
Rolle, Switzerland
Rolleston, England
Rolleston, QLD, Australia
Rolvenden, England
Roma, QLD, Australia
Romaine, TAS, Australia
Romford, England
Romsey, England
Romsey, VIC, Australia
Rona, Scotland
Rongomai, New Zealand
Ronne, Denmark
Rookwood, NSW, Australia
Rookwood, VIC, Australia
Roorkee, India
Roos, England
Rooty Hill, NSW, Australia
Ropsley, England
Rosalie, QLD, Australia
Roscommon, Ireland
Roscommon, USA
Roscrea, Ireland
Rose Bay, NSW, Australia
Rose Park, SA, Australia
Rosebank, Scotland
Rosebank, VIC, Australia
Roseberry, VIC, Australia
Rosebery, NSW, Australia
Rosebery, TAS, Australia
Rosebery, VIC, Australia
Rosebud, VIC, Australia
Rosedale, NSW, Australia
Rosedale, QLD, Australia
Rosedale, SA, Australia
Rosedale, VIC, Australia
Rosehearty, Scotland
Rosehill, NSW, Australia
Roselea, QLD, Australia
Rosemeath, NSW, Australia
Rosenthal, SA, Australia
Rosevale, NSW, Australia
Rosevale, QLD, Australia
Rosevale, Scotland
Rosevale, TAS, Australia
Rosevears, TAS, Australia
Roseville, NSW, Australia
Rosewater, SA, Australia
Rosewell, Scotland
Rosewood, NSW, Australia
Rosewood, QLD, Australia
Roseworthy College, SA, Australia
Roseworthy, SA, Australia
Roskilde, Denmark
Roslyn, NSW, Australia
Rosneath, Scotland
Ross Creek, VIC, Australia
Ross Island, QLD, Australia
Ross, New Zealand
Ross, Scotland
Ross, TAS, Australia
Rossmore, NSW, Australia
Rothbury, England
Rothbury, NSW, Australia
Rotherfield, England
Rotherham, England
Rotherhithe, England
Rothersthorpe, England
Rothes, Scotland
Rothesay, Scotland
Rothley, England
Rothsay, WA, Australia
Rothwell, England
Rotorua, New Zealand
Rottingdean, England
Rottnest Island, WA, Australia
Roubaix, France
Rouchel Brook, NSW, Australia
Rouchel, NSW, Australia
Rouen, France
Roughton, England
Round Hill, NSW, Australia
Roundstone, Ireland
Roundwood, IRELAND
Rous Mill, NSW, Australia
Rous, NSW, Australia
Rouse Hill, NSW, Australia
Rowhedge, England
Rowland Flat, SA, Australia
Rowley, England
Rowsley, VIC, Australia
Roxborough, QLD, Australia
Roxburgh, NSW, Australia
Roxburgh, Scotland
Royal Park, SA, Australia
Royal Park, VIC, Australia
Royalla, NSW, Australia
Roydon, England
Royston, England
Royton, England
Rozelle, NSW, Australia
Ruabon, Wales
Ruby, VIC, Australia
Ruddington, England
Rudds Gully, WA, Australia
Rudge, England
Ruffy, VIC, Australia
Rugby, England
Rugby, NSW, Australia
Rugeley, England
Rumford, England
Runcorn, England
Runcorn, Qld, Australia
Running Creek, QLD, Australia
Running Creek, VIC, Australia
Runnymede, TAS, Australia
Runnymede, VIC, Australia
Rupanyup, VIC, Australia
Rusden, NSW, Australia
Rushcutters Bay, NSW, Australia
Rushden, England
Rusholme, England
Rushton, England
Rushworth, VIC, Australia
Russell Falls, TAS, Australia
Rusthall, England
Rustico, Canada
Rustington, England
Ruswarp, England
Rutherford, England
Rutherford, NSW, Australia
Rutherglen, Scotland
Rutherglen, VIC, Australia
Ruthin, England
Ruthin, Wales
Ruthven, NSW, Australia
Rutland, England
Ryans Creek, VIC, Australia
Ryanston, VIC, Australia
Rydal, NSW, Australia
Rydalmere, NSW, Australia
Ryde NSW
Ryde, England
Ryde, NSW, Australia
Rye Park, NSW, Australia
Rye, England
Rye, VIC, Australia
Ryhill, England
Ryhope, England
Rylstone, England
Rylstone, NSW, Australia