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La Grange, USA
Laanecoorie, VIC, Australia
Laang, Vic, Australia
Labasa, Fiji
Labertouche, VIC, Australia
Labouheyre, France
Laceby, Vic, Australia
Laceys Creek, QLD, Australia
Lachlan, NSW, Australia
Lachlan, TAS, Australia
Ladybank, Scotland
Ladys bay, TAS, Australia
Ladysmith, NSW, Australia
Ladysmith, South Africa
Ladywood, England
Laen North, VIC, Australia
Laen, VIC, Australia
Laggan, NSW, Australia
Laguna, NSW, Australia
Lah, VIC, Australia
Laidley Creek, Qld, Australia
Laidley QLD Australia
Laidley, QLD, Australia
Lake Albert, NSW, Australia
Lake Albert, SA, Australia
Lake Bathurst, NSW, Australia
Lake Boga, VIC, Australia
Lake Bolac, VIC, Australia
Lake Cargelligo, NSW, Australia
Lake Charm, VIC, Australia
Lake Condah, VIC, Australia
Lake Cowal, NSW, Australia
Lake George, NSW, Australia
Lake Goldsmith, VIC, Australia
Lake Hamilton, SA, Australia
Lake Hindmarsh, VIC, Australia
Lake Illawarra, NSW, Australia
Lake Marmal, VIC, Australia
Lake Mundi, VIC, Australia
Lake Plains, SA, Australia
Lake Rowan, VIC, Australia
Lake Tyers, VIC, Australia
Lake Victoria Station, NSW, Australia
Lakefield Station, QLD, Australia
Lakemba, NSW, Australia
Lakes Creek, QLD, Australia
Lakes Entrance, VIC, Australia
Lakeside, England
Lakeside, QLD, Australia
Lakeside, WA, Australia
Lal Lal, VIC, Australia
Lalbert, VIC, Australia
Laleham, England
Lalla, TAS, Australia
Lalor, VIC, Australia
Lambeth, England
Lambing Flat, NSW, Australia
Lambing Hill, NSW, Australia
Lambourn, England
Lambton, NSW, Australia
Lameroo, SA, Australia
Lamington, WA, Australia
Lamlash, Scotland
Lampeter, Wales
Lamplough, VIC, Australia
Lanark, England
Lanark, Scotland
Lancashire, England
Lancaster, England
Lancaster, VIC, Australia
Lancefield, VIC, Australia
Lancelot, SA, Australia
Lanchester, England
Landour India
Landsborough, QLD, Australia
Landsborough, VIC, Australia
Landsdowne, NSW, Australia
Landskrona, Sweden
Lane Cove, NSW, Australia
Lane End, England
Lanefield, QLD, Australia
Lang Lang East, VIC, Australia
Lang Lang, VIC, Australia
Langford, England
Langford, WA, Australia
Langham, England
Langholm, Scotland
Langhorne Creek, SA, Australia
Langley Park, England
Langley Vale, NSW, Australia
Langley, England
Langley, VIC, Australia
Langmorn Station, QLD, Australia
Langport, England
Langton Matravers, England
Langton, England
Langwarrin, VIC, Australia
Langwornor, VIC, Australia
Lanivet, England
Lankeys Creek, NSW, Australia
Lansdown, New Zealand
Lansdowne, NSW, Australia
Lara, VIC, Australia
Larbert, NSW, Australia
Larbert, Scotland
Lardner, VIC, Australia
Largs Bay, SA, Australia
Largs, NSW, Australia
Largs, Scotland
Larkhall, Scotland
Larne, Ireland
Larpent, VIC, Australia
Larvik, Norway
Lassodie, Scotland
Latham, England
Latheron, Scotland
Latrobe, TAS, Australia
Lauder, Scotland
Laugharne, Wales
Launceston, England
Launceston, TAS, Australia
Launching Place, VIC, Australia
Launton, England
Laura, QLD, Australia
Laura, SA, Australia
Laurencekirk, Scotland
Laurieton, NSW, Australia
Lauriston, VIC, Australia
Lausanne, Switzerland
Lavadia, NSW, Australia
Lavender Bay, NSW, Australia
Lavendon, England
Laverton, VIC, Australia
Laverton, WA, Australia
Lavington, NSW, Australia
Lawlers, WA, Australia
Lawley, England
Lawloit, VIC, Australia
Lawnton, Qld, Australia
Lawrence, New Zealand
Lawrence, NSW, Australia
Lawrence, VIC, Australia
Lawson, NSW, Australia
Laxfield, England
Layton, England
Le Havre, France
Leabrook, SA, Australia
Leadgate, England
Leadville, NSW, Australia
Leaghur, VIC, Australia
Leamington Spa, England
Learmonth, VIC, Australia
Leasingham, SA, Australia
Leatherhead, England
Lebrina, TAS, Australia
Lecco, Italy
Lechlade, England
Ledbury, England
Leddington, England
Leece, England
Leederville, WA, Australia
Leeds, England
Leeds, York, England
Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Leek, England
Leeor, VIC, Australia
Lees, England
Leeston, New Zealand
Leeswood, Wales
Leeton, NSW, Australia
Leeville, NSW, Australia
Lefroy, TAS, Australia
Legnano, Italy
Leicester, England
Leicestershire, England
Leichardt, VIC, Australia
Leichhardt, NSW, Australia
Leigh Creek, SA, Australia
Leigh Creek, VIC, Australia
Leigh, England
Leigh, VIC, Australia
Leighton Buzzard, England
Leighton, England
Leighton, SA, Australia
Leintwardine, ENGLAND
Leiston, England
Leitchville, VIC, Australia
Leith, Scotland
Leith, TAS, Australia
Leithfield, New Zealand
Leitrim, Ireland
Lemana Junction, TAS, Australia
Lemington, England
Lemnos, VIC, Australia
Lemvig, Denmark
Leneva, VIC, Australia
Lenham, England
Lennonville, WA, Australia
Lennoxtown, Scotland
Lenton, England
Leominster, England
Leonards Hill, VIC, Australia
Leongatha, VIC, Australia
Leopold, VIC, Australia
Lerwick, Scotland
Leslie, Scotland
Lesmahagow, Scotland
Letham, Scotland
Lethbridge, VIC, Australia
Letheringsett, England
Letterkenny, Ireland
Letwell, England
Leuchars, Scotland
Leumeah, NSW, Australia
Leura, NSW, Australia
Leven, England
Leven, NSW, Australia
Leven, Scotland
Levendale, TAS, Australia
Leverton, England
Levuka, Fiji
Lewes, England
Lewis Ponds, NSW, Australia
Lewisham, England
Lewisham, NSW, Australia
Lewiston, SA, Australia
Lewiston, USA
Lexington, Vic, Australia
Lexton, VIC, Australia
Leyburn, England
Leyburn, QLD, Australia
Leyland, England
Leysmill, Scotland
Leyton, England
Leytonstone, England
Liberton, Scotland
Liberty Plains, NSW, Australia
Lichfield, England
Licola, VIC, Australia
Lidcombe, NSW, Australia
Lidsdale, NSW, Australia
Lidster, NSW, Australia
Liege, Belgium
Lietinna, TAS, Australia
Liff, Scotland
Liffey, TAS, Australia
Lifford, Ireland
Lifton, England
Light Pass, SA, Australia
Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
Lille, France
Lillesand, Norway
Lillimur, VIC, Australia
Lilliput, VIC, Australia
Lillyvale, NSW, Australia
Lilydale, TAS, Australia
Lilydale, VIC, Australia
Lilyfield, NSW, Australia
Lilyvale, NSW, Australia
Lima, VIC, Australia
Limavady, Ireland
Limbri, NSW, Australia
Limeburners Creek, NSW, Australia
Limehouse, England
Limehouse, UK
Limerick, Ireland
Limerick, NSW, Australia
Limestone, NSW, Australia
Limestone, QLD, Australia
Linares, Spain
Linburn, NSW, Australia
Linchfield, England
Lincoln, England
Lincoln, New Zealand
Lincoln, NSW, Australia
Lincoln, SA, Australia
Lincolnshire, England
Linda, TAS, Australia
Linden, NSW, Australia
Lindenow South, VIC, Australia
Lindenow, VIC, Australia
Lindfield, England
Lindfield, NSW, Australia
Lindhurst, England
Lindisfarne, SA, Australia
Lindisfarne, TAS, Australia
Lindsay, VIC, Australia
Lindsey, England
Lindum, QLD, Australia
Lingfield, England
Linlithgow, Scotland
Linslade, England
Linton, England
Linton, QLD, Australia
Linton, Scotland
Linton, VIC, Australia
Linwood, New Zealand
Linwood, SA, Australia
Liphook, England
Lipley, England
Lipson, SA, Australia
Lisarow, NSW, Australia
Lisburn, Ireland
Lisdillon, TAS, Australia
Liskeard, England
Lisle, TAS, Australia
Lismore, Ireland
Lismore, NSW, Australia
Lismore, VIC, Australia
Lisnaskea, Ireland
Lisselton, Ireland
Listowel, Ireland
Litchfield, England
Litchfield, VIC, Australia
Lithgow, NSW, Australia
Little Baddow, England
Little Bendigo, VIC, Australia
Little Billabong, NSW, Australia
Little Bromley, England
Little Clacton, England
Little Eaton, England
Little Gidding, England
Little Hampton, VIC, Australia
Little Harrowden, England
Little Haywood, England
Little Lever, England
Little Plain, NSW, Australia
Little River, VIC, Australia
Little Swanport, TAS, Australia
Littleborough, England
Littlebourne, England
Littlehampton, England
Littlehampton, SA, Australia
Littleport, England
Littleton, ENGLAND
Littleton, NSW, Australia
Littleworth, England
Liverpool Plains England
Liverpool, England
Liverpool, NSW, Australia
Liverpool, UK
Livingston, Scotland
Livingstone, QLD, Australia
Llanarmon, Wales
Llanboidy, Wales
Llandeilo, Wales
Llandinam, Wales
Llandovery, Wales
Llandudno, Wales
Llanelli, Wales
Llanelly, VIC, Australia
Llanelly, Wales
Llanfyllin, Wales
Llangollen, Wales
Llangothlin, NSW, Australia
Llangunllo, Wales
Llangurig, Wales
Llanidloes, Wales
Llanrhystyd, Wales
Llanrwst, Wales
Llansilin, Wales
Llantrisant, Wales
Llanwnog, Wales
Llwyngwril, Wales
Lobethal, SA, Australia
Lobs Hole, NSW, Australia
Loch Alvie, Scotland
Loch Garry, Scotland
Loch Lomond, Scotland
Loch, VIC, Australia
Lochboisdale, Scotland
Lochcarron, Scotland
Lochee, Scotland
Lochgelly, Scotland
Lochgilphead, Scotland
Lochgoilhead, Scotland
Lochiel, NSW, Australia
Lochiel, SA, Australia
Lochinvar, NSW, Australia
Lochinver, Scotland
Lochmaddy, Scotland
Lochwinnoch, Scotland
Lock, SA, Australia
Lockerbie, Scotland
Lockhart, NSW, Australia
Lockharts Creek, VIC, Australia
Lockington, England
Lockleys, SA, Australia
Lockport, USA
Locksley, NSW, Australia
Locksley, VIC, Australia
Lockton, England
Lockwood, England
Lockwood, VIC, Australia
Lockyer, QLD, Australia
Loddon Vale, VIC, Australia
Lode, England
Lodge Park, VIC, Australia
Lodz, Poland
Loftus, England
Logan Reserve, QLD, Australia
Logan River, QLD, Australia
Logan Village, QLD, Australia
Logan, QLD, Australia
Logan, VIC, Australia
Loganholme, QLD, Australia
Loganlea, QLD, Australia
Logie Pert, Scotland
Logierait, Scotland
London, Canada
London, England
London, NSW, Australia
London, UK
Londonderry, England
Londonderry, Ireland
Long Ashton, England
Long Bay, NSW, Australia
Long Bay, SA, Australia
Long Bay, TAS, Australia
Long Compton, England
Long Eaton, England
Long Gully, SA, Australia
Long Gully, VIC, Australia
Long Plain, SA, Australia
Long Plains, SA, Australia
Long Stratton, England
Long Sutton, England
Long Swamp, VIC, Australia
Longden, England
Longdon, England
Longfield, England
Longford, England
Longford, Ireland
Longford, TAS, Australia
Longford, VIC, Australia
Longhill, Ireland
Longlea, VIC, Australia
Longley, TAS, Australia
Longnor, England
Longreach, QLD, Australia
Longridge, England
Longton, England
Longton, QLD, Australia
Longtown, England
Longueville, NSW, Australia
Longwarry, VIC, Australia
Longwell Green, England
Longwood, VIC, Australia
Longworth, England
Lonmay, Scotland
Loose, England
Lord Howe Island, NSW, Australia
Lorne, NSW, Australia
Lorne, VIC, Australia
Lorquon, VIC, Australia
Los Angeles, USA
Lossiemouth, Scotland
Lostock, NSW, Australia
Lostwithiel, England
Lottah, TAS, Australia
Loughborough, England
Loughrea, Ireland
Loughton, England
Louisburgh, Ireland
Louth, England
Louth, Ireland
Louth, NSW, Australia
Lovely Banks, VIC, Australia
Lovely Valley, SA, Australia
Low Fell, England
Low Head, Tas, Australia
Lowan, VIC, Australia
Lower Belford, NSW, Australia
Lower Beulah, TAS, Australia
Lower Boro, NSW, Australia
Lower Bucca, NSW, Australia
Lower Buckland, VIC, Australia
Lower Homebush, VIC, Australia
Lower Largo, Scotland
Lower Light, SA, Australia
Lower Longley, TAS, Australia
Lower Moira, Vic, Australia
Lower Norton, VIC, Australia
Lower Portland, NSW, Australia
Lower Southgate, NSW, Australia
Lower Sydenham, England
Lower Turners Marsh, TAS, Australia
Lowesdale, NSW, Australia
Lowestoff, England
Lowestoft, England
Lowick, England
Lowood QLD Australia
Lowood, QLD, Australia
Lowther, NSW, Australia
Lowthorpe, England
Lowton, England
Loxley, NSW, Australia
Loxton, England
Loxton, SA, Australia
Loy Yang, VIC, Australia
Lubeck, VIC, Australia
Lublin, Poland
Lucerne Dale, VIC, Australia
Lucinda Point, QLD, Australia
Lucindale, SA, Australia
Lucknow, India
Lucknow, NSW, Australia
Lucknow, VIC, Australia
Lucksta, Sweden
Luddenham, NSW, Australia
Ludlow, England
Ludlow, WA, Australia
Lue, NSW, Australia
Lullington, England
Lumphanan, Scotland
Lund, Sweden
Lunde, Norway
Lupara, Italy
Luppitt, England
Lurg, VIC, Australia
Lurgan, Ireland
Luss, Scotland
Luton, England
Luton, NSW, Australia
Lutterworth, England
Lutwyche, QLD, Australia
Lyal, VIC, Australia
Lybster, Scotland
Lydd, England
Lydney, England
Lyme Regis, England
Lyminge, England
Lymington, England
Lymington, TAS, Australia
Lynchford, TAS, Australia
Lyndhurst, England
Lyndhurst, NSW, Australia
Lyndhurst, VIC, Australia
Lyndoch Valley, SA, Australia
Lyndoch, SA, Australia
Lyndon, England
Lyneham, England
Lynn, England
Lynton, England
Lyon, France
Lyons, VIC, Australia
Lyonville, VIC, Australia
Lyra, QLD, Australia
Lyrup, SA, Australia
Lysekil, Sweden
Lysterfield, VIC, Australia
Lytham, England
Lyttelton, New Zealand
Lytton, QLD, Australia