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Haberfield, NSW, Australia
Hacketstown, Ireland
Hackford, England
Hackham, SA, Australia
Hackney, England
Hackney, SA, Australia
Haddenham, England
Haddington, Scotland
Haddon, VIC, Australia
Haden, QLD, Australia
Hadfield, England
Hadleigh, England
Hadley, England
Hadley, NSW, Australia
Hadlow, England
Hadspen, TAS, Australia
Haggerston, England
Hagley, England
Hagley, TAS, Australia
Hahndorf, SA, Australia
Hailsham, England
Hailton Scotland
Halbeath, Scotland
Halbury, SA, Australia
Halcombe, New Zealand
Halesowen, England
Halesworth, England
Halifax, Canada
Halifax, England
Halifax, QLD, Australia
Halkirk, Scotland
Hallam, VIC, Australia
Hallbankgate, England
Hallett, SA, Australia
Halling, England
Halls Creek, NSW, Australia
Halls Creek, WA, Australia
Halls Gap, VIC, Australia
Halmstad, Sweden
Halstead, England
Halton, NSW, Australia
Haltwhistle, England
Ham, England
Hamar, Norway
Hambleden, England
Hambledon, England
Hambledon, QLD, Australia
Hambrook, England
Hamburg, Germany
Hamelin, WA, Australia
Hamilton, Bermuda
Hamilton, Canada
Hamilton, England
Hamilton, New Zealand
Hamilton, NSW, Australia
Hamilton, QLD, Australia
Hamilton, SA, Australia
Hamilton, Scotland
Hamilton, TAS, Australia
Hamilton, VIC, Australia
Hamilton, WA, Australia
Hamley Bridge, SA, Australia
Hamley, SA, Australia
Hammer, Denmark
Hammerfest, Norway
Hammersmith, England
Hammond, SA, Australia
Hampden, England
Hampden, QLD, Australia
Hampden, VIC, Australia
Hampden, WA, Australia
Hampshire, England
Hampshire, TAS, Australia
Hampstead Heath, England
Hampstead, England
Hampton Court, England
Hampton Hill, England
Hampton on the Hill, England
Hampton Wick, England
Hampton, England
Hampton, NSW, Australia
Hampton, QLD, Australia
Hampton, VIC, Australia
Hamrun, Malta
Hamstead, England
Handley, England
Handsworth, England
Hanging Rock, NSW, Australia
Hanley Castle, England
Hanley, England
Hannah, England
Hannams Gap, QLD, Australia
Hannington, England
Hansborough, SA, Australia
Hanson, SA, Australia
Hansonville, VIC, Australia
Hants, England
Hanwell, England
Hanwood, England
Hanwood, NSW, Australia
Happy Valley, QLD, Australia
Happy Valley, SA, Australia
Happy Valley, VIC, Australia
Harberton, England
Harborne, England
Harborough, England
Harby, England
Harcourt, VIC, Australia
Harden, England
Harden, NSW, Australia
Hardwick, England
Hardy, SA, Australia
Harefield, England
Harefield, NSW, Australia
Haresfield, England
Harewood, NSW, Australia
Harford, England
Harford, TAS, Australia
Hargraves, NSW, Australia
Harkaway, VIC, Australia
Harlaxton, QLD, Australia
Harlech, Wales
Harlem, USA
Harlesden, England
Harleston, England
Harley Hill, NSW, Australia
Harlington, England
Harlow, England
Harmondsworth, England
Harnosand, Sweden
Harpenden, England
Harpham, England
Harpurhey, England
Harrietsham, England
Harrietville, VIC, Australia
Harringay, England
Harrington, England
Harrington, NSW, Australia
Harris Park, NSW, Australia
Harris, Scotland
Harrismith, South Africa
Harrisville, QLD, Australia
Harrogate, England
Harrogate, SA, Australia
Harrow, England
Harrow, VIC, Australia
Harstad, Norway
Harston, VIC, Australia
Hartfield, England
Hartford, England
Hartford, USA
Harthill, Scotland
Hartington, England
Hartlebury, England
Hartlepool, England
Hartley Vale, NSW, Australia
Hartley, England
Hartley, NSW, Australia
Hartley, SA, Australia
Hartshorne, England
Hartwell, VIC, Australia
Hartwood, Scotland
Harvey Park, NSW, Australia
Harvey, WA, Australia
Harwell, England
Harwich, England
Harwood Island, NSW, Australia
Harwood, NSW, Australia
Hasle, Denmark
Haslemere, England
Haslingden, England
Haslington, England
Hastings, England
Hastings, New Zealand
Hastings, NSW, Australia
Hastings, TAS, Australia
Hastings, VIC, Australia
Hastings, WA, Australia
Haswell, England
Hatfield, England
Hatfield, NSW, Australia
Hatherleigh, England
Hatherleigh, SA, Australia
Hattah, VIC, Australia
Hatton Vale, QLD, Australia
Hatton, England
Hatton, Scotland
Haugesund, Norway
Hauxley, England
Havant, England
Havelock, New Zealand
Havelock, VIC, Australia
Haverfordwest, Wales
Haverhill, England
Haverigg, England
Haversham, England
Haverton Hill, England
Havilah, NSW, Australia
Hawarden, Wales
Hawera, New Zealand
Hawick, England
Hawick, Scotland
Hawkchurch, England
Hawker, SA, Australia
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Hawkesbury, NSW, Australia
Hawkesdale, VIC, Australia
Hawkeshead, England
Hawkhurst, England
Hawksburn, VIC, Australia
Hawkshead, England
Haworth, England
Hawthorn, SA, Australia
Hawthorn, VIC, Australia
Hawthorn, WA, Australia
Hawthorne, QLD, Australia
Haxby, England
Hay Valley, SA, Australia
Hay, NSW, Australia
Hay, Wales
Haydon, England
Hayes, England
Hayfield, England
Hayle, England
Hayling Island, England
Haymarket, NSW, Australia
Haynes, England
Hayton, England
Haywards Heath, England
Haywood, England
Hazaribag, India
Hazaribagh, India
Hazel Glen, VIC, Australia
Hazel Grove, England
Hazelbrook, NSW, Australia
Hazelgrove, NSW, Australia
Hazelwood, England
Hazelwood, VIC, Australia
Hazlemere, England
Headcorn, England
Headingley, England
Headon, England
Healaugh, England
Healesville, VIC, Australia
Healey, England
Heanor, England
Heath and Reach, England
Heath Hill, VIC, Australia
Heathcote, NSW, Australia
Heathcote, VIC, Australia
Heatherton, VIC, Australia
Heathfield, England
Heaton Chapel, England
Heaton Mersey, England
Heaton Norris, England
Heaton, England
Hebburn, England
Hebden Bridge, England
Hebel, QLD, Australia
Heckington, England
Heckmondwike, England
Hectorville, SA, Australia
Heddington, England
Hedley, England
Hedley, VIC, Australia
Hednesford, England
Hedon, England
Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg, VIC, Australia
Heilbron, South Africa
Helena Vale, WA, Australia
Helensburgh, NSW, Australia
Helensburgh, Scotland
Helensville, New Zealand
Helidon, QLD, Australia
Hellifield, England
Helmsdale, Scotland
Helmsley, England
Helsingborg, Sweden
Helsingor, Denmark
Helsinki, Finland
Helston, England
Helton, England
Hemel Hempstead, England
Hemingbrough, England
Hemington, England
Hemmant, Qld, Australia
Hempnall, England
Hemsworth, England
Hendon, England
Hendon, QLD, Australia
Hendra, QLD, Australia
Henford, England
Henley Beach, SA, Australia
Henley Park, SA, Australia
Henley, England
Henley, New Zealand
Henley, NSW, Australia
Henllan, Wales
Hennock, England
Henty, NSW, Australia
Henty, VIC, Australia
Hepburn, VIC, Australia
Heptonstall, England
Hepworth, England
Herberton, QLD, Australia
Hereford, England
Herefordshire, England
Hergott Springs, SA, Australia
Hermidale, NSW, Australia
Hermitage, QLD, Australia
Hermitage, SA, Australia
Hernani, NSW, Australia
Herne Bay, England
Herne Hill, England
Herne Hill, VIC, Australia
Herons Creek, NSW, Australia
Herrington, England
Hersham, England
Hertford, England
Hertfordshire, England
Hesket, VIC, Australia
Hesse, VIC, Australia
Hetherington, England
Hewish, England
Hexham, England
Hexham, NSW, Australia
Hexham, VIC, Australia
Heyfield, VIC, Australia
Heytesbury, England
Heytesbury, VIC, Australia
Heywood, England
Heywood, VIC, Australia
Hiamdale, VIC, Australia
Hibaldstow, England
Hickeys Creek, NSW, Australia
High Barnet, England
High Camp, VIC, Australia
High Catton, England
High Plain, VIC, Australia
High Wickham, England
High Wycombe, England
Higham Ferrers, England
Higham, England
Highbridge, England
Highbury, England
Highbury, SA, Australia
Highclere, England
Higher Brixham, England
Highett, VIC, Australia
Highfield, Scotland
Highfields, QLD, Australia
Highgate, England
Highgate, WA, Australia
Highton, VIC, Australia
Highway, England
Highworth, England
Hill End, NSW, Australia
Hill End, QLD, Australia
Hill End, VIC, Australia
Hill Plain, VIC, Australia
Hill River, SA, Australia
Hill Top, NSW, Australia
Hill Top, TAS, Australia
Hillgrove, England
Hillgrove, NSW, Australia
Hillhead, Scotland
Hillingdon, England
Hillsborough, Ireland
Hillsdale, NSW, Australia
Hillsfield, England
Hillside, NSW, Australia
Hillside, QLD, Australia
Hillside, VIC, Australia
Hillston, NSW, Australia
Hilltop, NSW, Australia
Hillview, QLD, Australia
Hilton, England
Hilton, SA, Australia
Hinchinbrook, NSW, Australia
Hinckley, England
Hindley, England
Hindmarsh Island, SA, Australia
Hindmarsh, SA, Australia
Hindolveston, England
Hindon, England
Hingham, England
Hinnomunjie, VIC, Australia
Hinstock, England
Hinton St Mary, England
Hinton, NSW, Australia
Hinton, QLD, Australia
Hirwaen, Wales
Hitcham, England
Hitchen, England
Hitchin, England
Hjorring, Denmark
Hobart, TAS, Australia
Hobbys Yards, NSW, Australia
Hockley, England
Hoddesdon, England
Hoddle Range, VIC, Australia
Hoddles Creek, VIC, Australia
Hodgson, QLD, Australia
Hogland, Finland
Hokitika, New Zealand
Holbaek, Denmark
Holbeach Bank, England
Holbeach, England
Holbeck, England
Holborn, England
Holbrook, NSW, Australia
Holburn, England
Holcomb, USA
Holcombe Rogus, England
Holder, SA, Australia
Hollensted, Denmark
Hollesley, England
Hollingbourne, England
Hollington, England
Hollow Tree, TAS, Australia
Holloway, England
Hollym, England
Hollywood, England
Hollywood, Ireland
Holme, England
Holmesville, NSW, Australia
Holmfirth, England
Holstebro, Denmark
Holsted, Denmark
Holsworthy, England
Holsworthy, NSW, Australia
Holt, England
Holte, Denmark
Holwell, England
Holwell, Tas, Australia
Holyhead, Wales
Holytown, Scotland
Holywell, Wales
Holywood, Ireland
Home Rule, NSW, Australia
Homebush, NSW, Australia
Homebush, QLD, Australia
Homebush, VIC, Australia
Homerton, VIC, Australia
Homestead, QLD, Australia
Homeview, QLD, Australia
Homeville, NSW, Australia
Homewood, VIC, Australia
Honeywood, TAS, Australia
Honiton, England
Honley, England
Honolulu, USA
Hoo, England
Hook, England
Hooke, England
Hookina, SA, Australia
Hoole, England
Hope Bank, SA, Australia
Hope Island, QLD, Australia
Hope Valley, SA, Australia
Hopeman, Scotland
Hopetoun, VIC, Australia
Hopetown, SA, Australia
Hopkins Hill, VIC, Australia
Hopton, England
Hopwood, England
Horbling, England
Horbury, England
Horfield, England
Horley, England
Horn, England
Horncastle, England
Horndean, England
Hornsby, England
Hornsby, NSW, Australia
Hornsdale, SA, Australia
Hornsea, England
Hornsey, England
Hornton, England
Horsens, Denmark
Horseshoe Bend, NSW, Australia
Horsey, England
Horsham, England
Horsham, VIC, Australia
Horsley, England
Horsley, NSW, Australia
Horton, England
Horton, NSW, Australia
Horton, QLD, Australia
Horwich, England
Hospital Bay, Tas, Australia
Hotham East, VIC, Australia
Hotham West, VIC, Australia
Hotham, England
Hotham, VIC, Australia
Hotspur, VIC, Australia
Houghton, England
Houghton, SA, Australia
Houndslow, England
Hounslow, England
Houston, NSW, Australia
Houston, USA
Howard, QLD, Australia
Howden, England
Howell, NSW, Australia
Howes Valley, NSW, Australia
Howick, England
Howlong, NSW, Australia
Howqua, VIC, Australia
Howth, Ireland
Hoxne, England
Hoyleton, SA, Australia
Huby, England
Hucclecote, England
Hucknall, England
Huddersfield, England
Huddleston, SA, Australia
Hudiksvall, Sweden
Hudson, Qld, Australia
Huesca, Spain
Hughenden, QLD, Australia
Hull, England
Humberstone, England
Humbug Scrub, SA, Australia
Hume, England
Hume, NSW, Australia
Humpybong, QLD, Australia
Humula, NSW, Australia
Hunchy, QLD, Australia
Huncote, England
Hunenberg, Switzerland
Hungerford, England
Hungerford, NSW, Australia
Hungerford, Qld, Australia
Hunmanby, England
Hunnington, England
Hunsdon, England
Hunslet, England
Hunters Hill, NSW, Australia
Hunterville, New Zealand
Huntingdon, England
Huntingdon, NSW, Australia
Huntingdonshire, England
Huntingford, England
Huntington, England
Huntley, NSW, Australia
Huntly, Scotland
Huntly, VIC, Australia
Hunton, England
Huon Island, TAS, Australia
Huon, TAS, Australia
Huon, VIC, Australia
Huonville, TAS, Australia
Hurley, England
Hurlstone Park, NSW, Australia
Hurst Green, England
Hurst, England
Hurstbridge, VIC, Australia
Hurstville, NSW, Australia
Husborne Crawley, England
Hutton, Scotland
Huxley, England
Huxley, QLD, Australia
Hyde Park, NSW, Australia
Hyde Park, SA, Australia
Hyde Park, VIC, Australia
Hyde Park, WA, Australia
Hyde, England
Hyderabad, India
Hynam Station, SA, Australia
Hynam, SA, Australia
Hythe, England
Hythe, Tas, Australia