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Gabo Island, VIC, Australia
Gabo, VIC, Australia
Gaeta, QLD, Australia
Gaffneys Creek, VIC, Australia
Gainsborough, England
Gainsborough, VIC, Australia
Galaquil, VIC, Australia
Galashiels, Scotland
Galbally, Ireland
Gallatown, Scotland
Gallymont, NSW, Australia
Galong, NSW, Australia
Galston, NSW, Australia
Galston, Scotland
Galt, Canada
Galveston, USA
Galway, Ireland
Galway, SA, Australia
Ganmain, NSW, Australia
Gannawarra, VIC, Australia
Gapsted, VIC, Australia
Garah, NSW, Australia
Garboldisham, England
Garden Island Creek, TAS, Australia
Garden Island, WA, Australia
Gardenstown, Scotland
Gardenvale, VIC, Australia
Gardiner, VIC, Australia
Gardners Bay, TAS, Australia
Garfield, NSW, Australia
Garfield, VIC, Australia
Gargrave, England
Garibaldi, VIC, Australia
Garland, NSW, Australia
Garn, England
Garra, NSW, Australia
Garrison, Ireland
Garstang, England
Garston, England
Gartmore, Scotland
Garton, England
Garvagh, Ireland
Garvoc, VIC, Australia
Gatehouse of Fleet, Scotland
Gatehouse, Scotland
Gateshead, England
Gateshead, NSW, Australia
Gatton, QLD, Australia
Gawcott, England
Gawler River, SA, Australia
Gawler, SA, Australia
Gawler, TAS, Australia
Gayndah, QLD, Australia
Gayton, England
Gedling, England
Geebung, QLD, Australia
Geelong Victoria Australia
Geelong West, VIC, Australia
Geelong, VIC, Australia
Geeveston, TAS, Australia
Geham, QLD, Australia
Gelantipy, VIC, Australia
Gelliondale, VIC, Australia
Gembrook, VIC, Australia
Genappe, Belgium
Genbole, Finland
Genoa, VIC, Australia
George Town, SA, Australia
George Town, TAS, Australia
George, South Africa
Georges Bay, Tas, Australia
Georges Creek, NSW, Australia
Georges Creek, VIC, Australia
Georges Plains, NSW, Australia
Georgetown, Guyana
Georgetown, NSW, Australia
Georgetown, QLD, Australia
Georgetown, SA, Australia
Georgia, USA
Georgina, WA, Australia
Gepps Cross, SA, Australia
Geraldine, New Zealand
Geraldton, WA, Australia
Gerang Gerung, VIC, Australia
Gerang, VIC, Australia
Gerangamete, VIC, Australia
German Creek NSW Australia
Germanton, NSW, Australia
Germantown, VIC, Australia
Gerogery, NSW, Australia
Gerringong, NSW, Australia
Geurie, NSW, Australia
Gevle, Sweden
Ghaziabad, India
Gheringhap, VIC, Australia
Ghinni Ghinni, NSW, Australia
Giants Creek, NSW, Australia
Gigoomgan, QLD, Australia
Gilbert River, QLD, Australia
Gilberton, SA, Australia
Giles Corner, SA, Australia
Gilgai, NSW, Australia
Gilgandra, NSW, Australia
Gilgunnia, NSW, Australia
Gilles Plains, SA, Australia
Gillieston, VIC, Australia
Gillingarra, WA, Australia
Gillingham, England
Gilmore, NSW, Australia
Gilston, QLD, Australia
Gin Gin, QLD, Australia
Gindalbie, WA, Australia
Gingin, WA, Australia
Gippsland, VIC, Australia
Girgarre East, VIC, Australia
Girilambone, NSW, Australia
Girvan, NSW, Australia
Girvan, Scotland
Gisborne, New Zealand
Gisborne, VIC, Australia
Gisburn, England
Gladesville, NSW, Australia
Gladfield, QLD, Australia
Gladstone, NSW, Australia
Gladstone, QLD, Australia
Gladstone, SA, Australia
Gladstone, TAS, Australia
Gladstone, VIC, Australia
Glamis, Scotland
Glamorgan Vale, QLD, Australia
Glamorgan Wales
Glamorganshire, Wales
Glandore, SA, Australia
Glanmire, NSW, Australia
Glanton, England
Glanville, SA, Australia
Glasgow, Scotland
Glass House Mountains, QLD, Aust.
Glass House Mountains, QLD, Australia
Glassonby, England
Glastonbury, England
Glaziers Bay, TAS, Australia
Glebe, NSW, Australia
Glen Alvie, VIC, Australia
Glen Aplin, QLD, Australia
Glen Burn, SA, Australia
Glen Creek, VIC, Australia
Glen Forbes, VIC, Australia
Glen Forrest, WA, Australia
Glen Huntly, VIC, Australia
Glen Huon, TAS, Australia
Glen Innes, NSW, Australia
Glen Iris, VIC, Australia
Glen Morey, TAS, Australia
Glen Morrison, NSW, Australia
Glen Osmond, SA, Australia
Glen Oval, NSW, Australia
Glen Rock, NSW, Australia
Glen Valley, VIC, Australia
Glen Waverley, VIC, Australia
Glen William, NSW, Australia
Glen Wills, VIC, Australia
Glenaladale, VIC, Australia
Glenalbyn, Vic, Australia
Glenarbon, QLD, Australia
Glenaroua, VIC, Australia
Glenbervie, Scotland
Glenboig, Scotland
Glenboro, Canada
Glenbrook, NSW, Australia
Glenbuck, Scotland
Glenburnie, SA, Australia
Glencairn, Scotland
Glencoe West, SA, Australia
Glencoe, NSW, Australia
Glencoe, SA, Australia
Glencoe, Scotland
Glendale, VIC, Australia
Glendaruel, VIC, Australia
Glendon, England
Glendonbrook, NSW, Australia
Gleneagle, QLD, Australia
Glenelg, QLD, Australia
Glenelg, SA, Australia
Glenfern, TAS, Australia
Glenferrie, VIC, Australia
Glenfield, NSW, Australia
Glengarnock, Scotland
Glengarry, TAS, Australia
Glengarry, VIC, Australia
Glengower, VIC, Australia
Glengrove, SA, Australia
Glenhaughton, QLD, Australia
Glenhaven, NSW, Australia
Glenhope East, VIC, Australia
Glenhope, VIC, Australia
Gleniffer, NSW, Australia
Glenlee, VIC, Australia
Glenlofty, VIC, Australia
Glenlogie, VIC, Australia
Glenloth East, VIC, Australia
Glenloth, VIC, Australia
Glenluce, Scotland
Glenluce, VIC, Australia
Glenlusk, TAS, Australia
Glenlyon, VIC, Australia
Glenmaggie, VIC, Australia
Glenmorgan, QLD, Australia
Glennies Creek, NSW, Australia
Glenoak, NSW, Australia
Glenora, TAS, Australia
Glenorchy, TAS, Australia
Glenorchy, VIC, Australia
Glenore, New Zealand
Glenore, TAS, Australia
Glenorie, NSW, Australia
Glenormiston North, VIC, Australia
Glenormiston, VIC, Australia
Glenpark, VIC, Australia
Glenpatrick, VIC, Australia
Glenreagh, NSW, Australia
Glenroe, Ireland
Glenrowan, VIC, Australia
Glenroy, NSW, Australia
Glenroy, SA, Australia
Glenroy, VIC, Australia
Glenshiel, Scotland
Glenthompson, VIC, Australia
Glenthorne, NSW, Australia
Glenvale, VIC, Australia
Glenville, SA, Australia
Glin, Ireland
Glossop, England
Gloucester, England
Gloucester, NSW, Australia
Gloucester, WA, Australia
Gloucestershire, England
Gloucestershire, UK
Glusburn, England
Glynde, SA, Australia
Gnarkeet, VIC, Australia
Gnarwarre, VIC, Australia
Gnotuk, VIC, Australia
Gnowangerup, WA, Australia
Goa, India
Goangra, NSW, Australia
Gobarralong, NSW, Australia
Gobarup, VIC, Australia
Gobur, VIC, Australia
Gocup, NSW, Australia
Godalming, England
Godstone, England
Gogango, QLD, Australia
Gol Gol, NSW, Australia
Golborne, England
Golcar, England
Golconda, TAS, Australia
Goldau, Switzerland
Golden Grove, NSW, Australia
Golden Grove, SA, Australia
Golden Gully, VIC, Australia
Golden Point, VIC, Australia
Golden Square, VIC, Australia
Goldie, VIC, Australia
Goldsborough, New Zealand
Goldsborough, QLD, Australia
Goldsborough, VIC, Australia
Gollan, NSW, Australia
Golspie, NSW, Australia
Golspie, Scotland
Gomersal, England
Gomshall, England
Gongolgon, NSW, Australia
Gooburrum, Qld, Australia
Goodberry Hills, Qld, Australia
Goodna, QLD, Australia
Goodooga, NSW, Australia
Goodwood Park, SA, Australia
Goodwood, QLD, Australia
Goodwood, SA, Australia
Goole, England
Goolma, NSW, Australia
Goolman, QLD, Australia
Goolmangar, NSW, Australia
Gooloogong, NSW, Australia
Goolwa, SA, Australia
Goomalling, WA, Australia
Goombargana, NSW, Australia
Goombungee, QLD, Australia
Goomburra, QLD, Australia
Goomeri, QLD, Australia
Goon Nure, VIC, Australia
Goondiwindi, QLD, Australia
Goondoon, QLD, Australia
Goonellabah, NSW, Australia
Gooram, VIC, Australia
Gooramadda, VIC, Australia
Goorambat, VIC, Australia
Goornong, VIC, Australia
Gooseberry Hill, WA, Australia
Gootchie, QLD, Australia
Gordon Brook, NSW, Australia
Gordon River, WA, Australia
Gordon, England
Gordon, NSW, Australia
Gordon, SA, Australia
Gordon, Scotland
Gordon, TAS, Australia
Gordon, VIC, Australia
Gordonvale, QLD, Australia
Gore Hill, NSW, Australia
Gore New Zealand
Gore, New Zealand
Gore, QLD, Australia
Gorebridge, Scotland
Gorey, Ireland
Gorian, NSW, Australia
Goring, England
Gormandale, VIC, Australia
Gormanston, TAS, Australia
Goroke, VIC, Australia
Goromby, VIC, Australia
Gort, Ireland
Gosberton, England
Goschen, VIC, Australia
Gosford, England
Gosford, NSW, Australia
Gosforth, England
Goshen, TAS, Australia
Gosnells, WA, Australia
Gosport, England
Goteborg, Sweden
Gottlieb Well, SA, Australia
Gough, NSW, Australia
Goulburn Weir, VIC, Australia
Goulburn, NSW
Goulburn, NSW, Australia
Goulds Country, TAS, Australia
Gournama, NSW, Australia
Gourock, Scotland
Govan, Scotland
Gowan, VIC, Australia
Gowangardie, VIC, Australia
Gowar East, VIC, Australia
Gower, VIC, Australia
Gowrie Junction, QLD, Australia
Gowrie Little Plain, QLD, Australia
Gowrie, NSW, Australia
Gowrie, QLD, Australia
Goxhill, England
Goyura, VIC, Australia
Gozo, Malta
Grabben Gullen, NSW, Australia
Grace Plains, SA, Australia
Gracemere, QLD, Australia
Graceville, QLD, Australia
Gradys Creek, NSW, Australia
Grafham, England
Grafton, ENGLAND
Grafton, NSW, Australia
Grahamstown, NSW, Australia
Grahamstown, South Africa
Graman, NSW, Australia
Grampians, VIC, Australia
Grampound Road, England
Granard, Ireland
Grand Valley, Canada
Grandchester, QLD, Australia
Grange, SA, Australia
Grange, Scotland
Grangemouth, Scotland
Grangetown, England
Granite Flat, VIC, Australia
Grant, VIC, Australia
Grantham, England
Grantham, QLD, Australia
Granton, Scotland
Granton, TAS, Australia
Grantville, VIC, Australia
Granville, NSW, Australia
Granville, QLD, Australia
Granya, VIC, Australia
Grasmere, England
Grass Flat, VIC, Australia
Grass Valley, WA, Australia
Grassdale, QLD, Australia
Grassdale, VIC, Australia
Grassington, England
Grassmere, VIC, Australia
Grassy, TAS, Australia
Gravesend, England
Gravesend, Kent, England
Gravesend, NSW, Australia
Gray, TAS, Australia
Grays, England
Graytown, VIC, Australia
Gre Gre, VIC, Australia
Great Ayton, England
Great Bardfield, England
Great Barrier, New Zealand
Great Bedwyn, England
Great Crosby, England
Great Dunmow, England
Great Ellingham, England
Great Glen, England
Great Gransden, England
Great Harwood, England
Great Haseley, England
Great Holland, England
Great Horwood, England
Great Houghton, England
Great Lever, England
Great Linford, England
Great Marlow, England
Great Northern, VIC, Australia
Great Torrington, England
Great Wakering, England
Great Waltham, England
Great Western, VIC, Australia
Great Wilbraham, England
Great Yarmouth, England
Green Hill, VIC, Australia
Green Hills, NSW, Australia
Green Island, New Zealand
Green Plains, SA, Australia
Green Valley, VIC, Australia
Greenbushes, WA, Australia
Greencastle, Ireland
Greendale, NSW, Australia
Greendale, VIC, Australia
Greenfield, England
Greenfield, Scotland
Greenford, England
Greengairs, Scotland
Greenhill, VIC, Australia
Greenhills, QLD, Australia
Greenhills, WA, Australia
Greenhithe, England
Greenmantle, NSW, Australia
Greenmount, QLD, Australia
Greenock, SA, Australia
Greenock, Scotland
Greenore, Ireland
Greenough, WA, Australia
Greenridge, NSW, Australia
Greensborough, VIC, Australia
Greenvale, Vic, Australia
Greenville, USA
Greenwald, VIC, Australia
Greenwell Point, NSW, Australia
Greenwich, England
Greenwich, NSW, Australia
Greigs Flat South
Grenaa, Denmark
Grenchen, Switzerland
Grenfell, NSW, Australia
Grenoside, England
Grenville, VIC, Australia
Gresford, NSW, Australia
Greta, NSW, Australia
Greta, VIC, Australia
Gretna Green, Scotland
Gretna, TAS, Australia
Greycliffe Station, QLD, Australia
Greymare, QLD, Australia
Greymouth, New Zealand
Greys, England
Greytown, New Zealand
Griffith, NSW, Australia
Griffithstown, Wales
Grimoldby, England
Grimsby, England
Grimstad, Norway
Grimstone, England
Grindleford, England
Grindleton, England
Griston, England
Grittenham, England
Grogan, NSW, Australia
Grong Grong, NSW, Australia
Grose Vale, NSW, Australia
Grosio, Italy
Grosmont, England
Grove, TAS, Australia
Grunthal, SA, Australia
Gruyere, VIC, Australia
Guernsey Channel Islands
Guestling, England
Guildford, England
Guildford, NSW, Australia
Guildford, VIC, Australia
Guildford, WA, Australia
Guilsford, England
Guinea, NSW, Australia
Guisborough, England
Guiseley, England
Gula, NSW, Australia
Gular, NSW, Australia
Gulargambone, NSW, Australia
Gulf Creek, NSW, Australia
Gulf of Carpentaria, NT, Australia
Gulgamree, NSW, Australia
Gulgong, NSW, Australia
Gullane, Scotland
Gullewa, WA, Australia
Gulligal, NSW, Australia
Gulnare, SA, Australia
Gum Flat, NSW, Australia
Gumbowie Siding, SA, Australia
Gumbowie, SA, Australia
Gumeracha, SA, Australia
Gunalda, QLD, Australia
Gunbar, NSW, Australia
Gunbower, VIC, Australia
Gundagai, NSW, Australia
Gundaroo, NSW, Australia
Gundary, NSW, Australia
Gundiah, QLD, Australia
Gundong, NSW, Australia
Gundowring, VIC, Australia
Gundurimba, NSW, Australia
Gundy, NSW, Australia
Gungal, NSW, Australia
Gunnedah, NSW, Australia
Gunnenbeme, NSW, Australia
Gunning, NSW, Australia
Gunns Plains, TAS, Australia
Gunthorpe, England
Gunyah, VIC, Australia
Gunyidi, WA, Australia
Gurley, NSW, Australia
Gurteen, Ireland
Guthrie, Scotland
Guy Fawkes, NSW, Australia
Guyhirn, England
Guyong, NSW, Australia
Guyra, NSW, Australia
Gwennap, England
Gymbowen, VIC, Australia
Gympie, QLD, Australia