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Faaborg, Denmark
Facit, England
Failford, NSW, Australia
Failsworth, England
Fairbank, VIC, Australia
Fairbrook, England
Fairbury, USA
Fairfield Park, VIC, Australia
Fairfield, England
Fairfield, NSW, Australia
Fairfield, VIC, Australia
Fairford, England
Fairlie, New Zealand
Fairlight, England
Fairview, SA, Australia
Fairview, VIC, Australia
Fairy Hill, NSW, Australia
Fairy Meadow, NSW, Australia
Fakenham, England
Falconer, NSW, Australia
Falkirk, Scotland
Falkland Islands
Falkland, Scotland
Falmouth, England
Falmouth, TAS, Australia
Falun, Sweden
Fano, Denmark
Faraday, VIC, Australia
Fareham, England
Farina, SA, Australia
Faringdon, England
Farleigh, QLD, Australia
Farley, England
Farley, NSW, Australia
Farmborough, England
Farnborough, England
Farncombe, England
Farnham, England
Farnham, NSW, Australia
Farnworth, England
Farrell Flat, SA, Australia
Farringdon, England
Farrington, England
Farsley, England
Farsund, Norway
Fassifern, NSW, Australia
Fassifern, QLD, Australia
Faulconbridge, NSW, Australia
Fauldhouse, Scotland
Faversham, England
Fawcett, VIC, Australia
Fawkner, VIC, Australia
Feale, Ireland
Fearn, Scotland
Featherston, New Zealand
Featherstone, England
Fecamp, France
Feckenham, England
Federal, NSW, Australia
Feilding, New Zealand
Felixstowe, England
Felling, England
Feltham, England
Felthorpe, England
Felton, England
Felton, QLD, Australia
Fendalton, New Zealand
Fenit, Ireland
Fenton, England
Fentonbury, TAS, Australia
Fenwick, Scotland
Ferbane, Ireland
Ferguson, WA, Australia
Fermanagh, Ireland
Fermoy, Ireland
Fern Hill, NSW, Australia
Fern Hill, VIC, Australia
Fern Tree, TAS, Australia
Fernbank, VIC, Australia
Ferndale, NSW, Australia
Ferndale, Wales
Ferndown, England
Fernhill, NSW, Australia
Fernie, Canada
Fernihurst, VIC, Australia
Fernlees, QLD, Australia
Fernmount, NSW, Australia
Ferntree Gully, VIC, Australia
Fernvale, QLD, Australia
Ferny Creek, VIC, Australia
Ferryside, Wales
Fethard, Ireland
Fife, Scotland
Fifield, NSW, Australia
Figtree, NSW, Australia
Filkins, England
Fillongley, England
Finchley, England
Findhorn, Scotland
Findochty, Scotland
Findon, England
Findon, SA, Australia
Finea, Ireland
Finedon, England
Fingal Head, NSW, Australia
Fingal, TAS, Australia
Fingal, Tasmania
Finley, NSW, Australia
Finnis Point, SA, Australia
Finniss, SA, Australia
Finsbury Park, England
Finsbury, England
Fintry, Scotland
Firtree, England
Fish Creek, VIC, Australia
Fish Point, VIC, Australia
Fish River Creek, NSW, Australia
Fishguard, Wales
Fitzroy North, VIC, Australia
Fitzroy, NSW, Australia
Fitzroy, QLD, Australia
Fitzroy, SA, Australia
Fitzroy, VIC, Australia
Five Dock, NSW, Australia
Flagstone Creek, QLD, Australia
Flagstone, QLD, Australia
Flamborough, England
Flaxley, England
Fleckney, England
Fleet, England
Fleetwood, England
Flekkefjord, Norway
Flemington, NSW, Australia
Flemington, Scotland
Flemington, VIC, Australia
Flinders Island, SA, Australia
Flinders Island, TAS, Australia
Flinders, QLD, Australia
Flinders, VIC, Australia
Flint, Wales
Flintshire, England
Flintshire, Wales
Flitwick, England
Flixborough, England
Flixton, England
Florida, USA
Florieton, SA, Australia
Flowerdale, TAS, Australia
Flowerdale, VIC, Australia
Flowerpot, TAS, Australia
Flowery Gully, TAS, Australia
Flowton, England
Flyford Flavell, England
Flynn, VIC, Australia
Flynns Creek, VIC, Australia
Fochabers, Scotland
Foileen, Ireland
Folkestone, England
Folkstone, England
Footscray, VIC, Australia
Forbes River, NSW, Australia
Forbes, NSW, Australia
Forbes, Scotland
Forcett, TAS, Australia
Fordell, Scotland
Fordham, England
Fordingbridge, England
Fords Bridge, NSW, Australia
Fordyce, Scotland
Forest Gate, England
Forest Grove, NSW, Australia
Forest Hill, England
Forest Hill, NSW, Australia
Forest Hill, QLD, Australia
Forest Lodge, NSW, Australia
Forest of Dean, England
Forest Range, SA, Australia
Forest Reefs, NSW, Australia
Forest Row, England
Forest, TAS, Australia
Forestgate, England
Forestville, SA, Australia
Forfar, Scotland
Forfarshire Scotland
Forge Creek, VIC, Australia
Formby, England
Forres, Scotland
Forrest, VIC, Australia
Forreston, SA, Australia
Forsinard, Scotland
Forster, NSW, Australia
Forster, SA, Australia
Fort Peddie, South Africa
Fort William, Scotland
Forter, Scotland
Forth, Scotland
Forth, TAS, Australia
Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia
Fosdyke, England
Foster, VIC, Australia
Fosterville, VIC, Australia
Foulsham, England
Four Mile Creek, NSW, Australia
Fourchambault, France
Fowey, England
Fowlers Bay, SA, Australia
Foxford, Ireland
Foxground, NSW, Australia
Foxholes, England
Foxhow, VIC, Australia
Foxton, England
Foxton, New Zealand
Foynes, Ireland
Framfield, England
Framlingham, England
Framlingham, VIC, Australia
Frampton, NSW, Australia
Framwellgate Moor, England
Frances, SA, Australia
Frankford, TAS, Australia
Franklin Harbor, SA, Australia
Franklin Harbour, SA, Australia
Franklin Village, TAS, Australia
Franklin, TAS, Australia
Franklin, VIC, Australia
Franklinford, VIC, Australia
Frankston, TAS, Australia
Frankston, VIC, Australia
Fraserburgh, Scotland
Frazers Creek, NSW, Australia
Freckleton, England
Fredericia, Denmark
Frederickton, NSW, Australia
Fredrikstad, Norway
Freeburgh, VIC, Australia
Freeling, SA, Australia
Freemans Reach, NSW, Australia
Freemantle, NSW, Australia
Freestone, QLD, Australia
Fremantle, WA, Australia
French Island, VIC, Australia
Frenchmans, VIC, Australia
Freshford, England
Freshford, Ireland
Freshwater, England
Freshwater, QLD, Australia
Freuchie, Scotland
Frewville, SA, Australia
Fribourg, Switzerland
Friedrichswalde, SA, Australia
Frieth, England
Frindsbury, England
Friockheim, Scotland
Fritham, England
Frittenden, England
Frizington, England
Frodsham, England
Frogmore, England
Frogmore, NSW, Australia
Frome, England
Fryers, VIC, Australia
Fryerstown, VIC, Australia
Fulham, England
Fulham, SA, Australia
Fullarton, SA, Australia
Fullerton Cove, NSW, Australia
Fullerton, NSW, Australia
Furnace, Scotland
Furner, SA, Australia
Fyans Creek, VIC, Australia
Fyansford, VIC, Australia