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Dagenham, England
Dailly, Scotland
Dairy Plains, TAS, Australia
Daisy Hill, England
Daisy Hill, VIC, Australia
Dalbeattie, Scotland
Dalby, QLD, Australia
Dalgety, NSW, Australia
Dalhousie, India
Dalhousie, VIC, Australia
Dalkeith, Scotland
Dalkeith, WA, Australia
Dalkey, SA, Australia
Dallas, USA
Dalmellington, Scotland
Dalmeny, Scotland
Dalmore, VIC, Australia
Dalmorton, NSW, Australia
Dalmuir, Scotland
Dalry, Scotland
Dalrymple, Scotland
Dalserf, Scotland
Dalston, England
Dalton, England
Dalton, NSW, Australia
Dalton, QLD, Australia
Dalton, Scotland
Dalveen, QLD, Australia
Dalwood, England
Dalwood, NSW, Australia
Dalysford, QLD, Australia
Dalyston, VIC, Australia
Dandaloo, NSW, Australia
Dandaragan, WA, Australia
Dandenong, VIC, Australia
Danderoo, QLD, Australia
Dangin, WA, Australia
Danlo, NSW, Australia
Dannevirke, New Zealand
Dapto, NSW, Australia
Dardanup, WA, Australia
Darfield, England
Dargaville, New Zealand
Dargo, VIC, Australia
Darjeeling, India
Dark Corner, NSW, Australia
Darkan, WA, Australia
Darkes Forest, NSW, Australia
Darlimurla, VIC, Australia
Darling Downs, WA, Australia
Darling Point, NSW, Australia
Darling Range Quarries, WA, Australia
Darlingford, VIC, Australia
Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia
Darlington Point, NSW, Australia
Darlington, England
Darlington, NSW, Australia
Darlington, SA, Australia
Darlington, VIC, Australia
Darlington, WA, Australia
Darnall, England
Darnum, VIC, Australia
Darra, QLD, Australia
Darraweit Guim, VIC, Australia
Darriman, VIC, Australia
Dartbrook, NSW, Australia
Dartford, England
Dartmoor, England
Dartmoor, VIC, Australia
Dartmouth, England
Darton, England
Dartrey, Ireland
Darvel, Scotland
Darwen, England
Darwin, NT, Australia
Darwin, TAS, Australia
Dashwood Gully, SA, Australia
Daubtfire Well SA Australia
Davenport, England
Daventry, England
Davistown, NSW, Australia
Davos, Switzerland
Davyhurst, WA, Australia
Dawes Point, NSW, Australia
Dawesley, SA, Australia
Dawley, England
Dawlish, England
Dawson, SA, Australia
Dawson, VIC, Australia
Day Dawn, WA, Australia
Daylesford, VIC, Australia
Daysdale, NSW, Australia
Deal, England
Dean, VIC, Australia
Deans Marsh, VIC, Australia
Dearham, England
Deddington, England
Deddington, TAS, Australia
Dederang, VIC, Australia
Dee, TAS, Australia
Deeford, QLD, Australia
Deep Bay, TAS, Australia
Deep Creek, NSW, Australia
Deep Creek, QLD, Australia
Deep Creek, SA, Australia
Deep Lead, VIC, Australia
Deepdene, VIC, Australia
Deepwater, NSW, Australia
Deer Park, VIC, Australia
Degilbo, QLD, Australia
Delamere, SA, Australia
Delaneys Creek, QLD, Australia
Delaware, England
Delaware, USA
Delegate River, VIC, Australia
Delegate, NSW, Australia
Deleni, Romania
Delgany, Ireland
Dellicknora, VIC, Australia
Deloraine, TAS, Australia
Delungra, NSW, Australia
Delvin, Ireland
Delvine, VIC, Australia
Demondrille, NSW, Australia
Denaby, England
Denbigh, Wales
Denbighshire, Wales
Denby, England
Denham Court, NSW, Australia
Denham, England
Denham, WA, Australia
Denhead, Scotland
Denholme, England
Denial Bay, SA, Australia
Deniliquin, NSW, Australia
Denison Town, NSW, Australia
Denison, VIC, Australia
Denistone, NSW, Australia
Denman, NSW, Australia
Denmark, WA, Australia
Dennington, England
Dennington, VIC, Australia
Dennis, England
Denniston, New Zealand
Dennistown, Scotland
Denny, Scotland
Dent, England
Denton, England
Denton, USA
Denver, England
Denver, USA
Deolali, India
Deptford, England
Deptford, VIC, Australia
Derby, England
Derby, TAS, Australia
Derby, VIC, Australia
Derby, WA, Australia
Derbyshire, England
Dereel, VIC, Australia
Dergholm, VIC, Australia
Derrimut, VIC, Australia
Derrinal, VIC, Australia
Derrinallum, VIC, Australia
Derry, Ireland
Derwent Park, TAS, Australia
Desborough, England
Detention, TAS, Australia
Detroit, USA
Deuchar, QLD, Australia
Devenish, Ireland
Devenish, VIC, Australia
Deviot, TAS, Australia
Devizes, England
Devon North, VIC, Australia
Devon, England
Devon, VIC, Australia
Devonport, England
Devonport, New Zealand
Devonport, TAS, Australia
Devonshire, England
Devoran, England
Dewsbury, England
Diamantina, QLD, Australia
Diamond Creek, VIC, Australia
Diapur, VIC, Australia
Didcot, England
Diddillibah, QLD, Australia
Diddington, England
Didling, England
Dieppe, France
Digby, VIC, Australia
Diggers Rest, VIC, Australia
Diggora West, VIC, Australia
Diggora, VIC, Australia
Dilston, TAS, Australia
Dimboola, VIC, Australia
Dingee, VIC, Australia
Dingle, Ireland
Dingo, Qld, Australia
Dingwall, Scotland
Dinham, England
Dinmore, QLD, Australia
Dinoga, NSW, Australia
Dinton Vale, VIC, Australia
Dinyarrak, VIC, Australia
Dipton, England
Dirleton, Scotland
Dirranbandi, QLD, Australia
Dishforth, England
Disley, England
Diss, England
Ditcheat, England
Dixie, VIC, Australia
Dixton, England
Doagh, Ireland
Dobie, VIC, Australia
Dobroyd Point, NSW, Australia
Dobson, New Zealand
Dodworth, England
Dolgellau, Wales
Dollar, Scotland
Dollar, VIC, Australia
Dollin, VIC, Australia
Dolton, England
Don River, TAS, Australia
Don, TAS, Australia
Donagh, Ireland
Donaghadee, Ireland
Donald, VIC, Australia
Donard, Ireland
Doncaster East, VIC, Australia
Doncaster, England
Doncaster, VIC, Australia
Donegal, Ireland
Donegall, Ireland
Dongara, WA, Australia
Donisthorpe, England
Donnybrook, Ireland
Donnybrook, NSW, Australia
Donnybrook, VIC, Australia
Donnybrook, WA, Australia
Donoughmore, Ireland
Donvale, VIC, Australia
Dooen, VIC, Australia
Dookie, VIC, Australia
Doolbi, QLD, Australia
Doon, Ireland
Dora Creek, NSW, Australia
Dorchester, England
Doreen, VIC, Australia
Dorking, England
Dornie, Scotland
Dornoch, Scotland
Dornock, Scotland
Dorrigo, NSW, Australia
Dorrington, England
Dorset, England
Dorset, TAS, Australia
Dorsetshire, England
Dorstone, England
Dostrup, Denmark
Double Bay, NSW, Australia
Douglas Park, NSW, Australia
Douglas, QLD, Australia
Douglas, Vic, Australia
Doune, Scotland
Doutta Galla, VIC, Australia
Dover, England
Dover, TAS, Australia
Dovercourt, England
Doverdale, England
Dowerin, WA, Australia
Dowlais, Wales
Dowlingville, SA, Australia
Down, Ireland
Downham Market, England
Downham, England
Downing, England
Downpatrick, Ireland
Doyalson, NSW, Australia
Dragor, Denmark
Drake, NSW, Australia
Drammen, Norway
Drayton, England
Drayton, QLD, Australia
Driffield, England
Driffield, VIC, Australia
Drighlington, England
Drik Drik, Vic, Australia
Drillham, QLD, Australia
Drimoleague, Ireland
Dripstone, NSW, Australia
Drogheda, Ireland
Droitwich, England
Dromana, VIC, Australia
Dromara, Ireland
Dromedary, TAS, Australia
Dromore West, Ireland
Dromore, Ireland
Dronfield, England
Dronninglund, Denmark
Dropmore, VIC, Australia
Drouin South, VIC, Australia
Drouin Victoria
Drouin, VIC, Australia
Droylsden, England
Drumanure, VIC, Australia
Drumborg, VIC, Australia
Drumlithie, Scotland
Drummartin, VIC, Australia
Drummers Creek, QLD, Australia
Drummond North, VIC, Australia
Drummond, VIC, Australia
Drummore, Scotland
Drummoyne, NSW, Australia
Drumoak, Scotland
Drumore, Ireland
Dry Creek, SA, Australia
Dry Diggings, VIC, Australia
Dry Drayton, England
Drymen, Scotland
Drysdale, NSW, Australia
Drysdale, VIC, Australia
Duaringa, QLD, Australia
Dubbo, NSW, Australia
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, SA, Australia
Duchess, QLD, Australia
Ducklington, England
Duckmanton, England
Dudley Port, England
Dudley, England
Dudley, NSW, Australia
Dudswell, England
Duffield, England
Dufftown, Scotland
Duffus, Scotland
Dufton, England
Dugandan, QLD, Australia
Dukinfield, England
Dulacca, QLD, Australia
Dulbydilla, QLD, Australia
Dulford, England
Dulladerry, NSW, Australia
Duloe, England
Dulverton, England
Dulverton, TAS, Australia
Dulwich Hill, NSW, Australia
Dulwich, England
Dulwich, SA, Australia
Dum Dum, India
Dumaresq, NSW, Australia
Dumbalk, VIC, Australia
Dumbarton, Scotland
Dumfries, Scotland
Dunach, VIC, Australia
Dunalley, TAS, Australia
Dunan, Scotland
Dunbar, England
Dunbar, Scotland
Dunbible, NSW, Australia
Dunblane, Scotland
Dunboyne, Ireland
Dunbulbalane, VIC, Australia
Duncan, Canada
Dunchurch, England
Dundalk, Ireland
Dundas, NSW, Australia
Dundas, QLD, Australia
Dundas, TAS, Australia
Dundas, VIC, Australia
Dundathu, QLD, Australia
Dundee, Ireland
Dundee, NSW, Australia
Dundee, QLD, Australia
Dundee, Scotland
Dundermot, Ireland
Dundonald, Scotland
Dundonnell, Scotland
Dundonnell, VIC, Australia
Dundoo Station, QLD, Australia
Dundrum, Ireland
Dunecht, Scotland
Dunedin, New Zealand
Dunedoo, NSW, Australia
Dunfanaghy, Ireland
Dunfermline, Scotland
Dungannon, Ireland
Dungarubba, NSW, Australia
Dungarvan, Ireland
Dungay, NSW, Australia
Dungiven, Ireland
Dungog, NSW, Australia
Dungowan, NSW, Australia
Dunkeld, NSW, Australia
Dunkeld, Scotland
Dunkeld, VIC, Australia
Dunkerque, France
Dunkeswell, England
Dunlavin, Ireland
Dunleary, NSW, Australia
Dunley, England
Dunlop, Scotland
Dunluce, VIC, Australia
Dunmanway, Ireland
Dunmore East, Ireland
Dunmore Station, QLD, Australia
Dunmore, NSW, Australia
Dunmore, QLD, Australia
Dunmore, VIC, Australia
Dunmow, England
Dunmunkle, VIC, Australia
Dunning, Scotland
Dunnington, England
Dunnstown, VIC, Australia
Dunolly, VIC, Australia
Dunoon, NSW, Australia
Dunoon, Scotland
Dunorlan, TAS, Australia
Dunrobin, TAS, Australia
Duns, Scotland
Dunscore, Scotland
Dunsfold, England
Dunsford, England
Dunstable, England
Dunstall, England
Duntocher, Scotland
Duntroon, ACT, Australia
Duntroon, NSW, Australia
Dunvegan, Scotland
Dunville, Canada
Dunwich, England
Dunwich, QLD, Australia
Durack, QLD, Australia
Dural, NSW, Australia
Duranbah, NSW, Australia
Durban, South Africa
Durham Lead, VIC, Australia
Durham Ox, VIC, Australia
Durham, England
Duri, NSW, Australia
Durness, Scotland
Dursley, England
Dutson, VIC, Australia
Dutton, SA, Australia
Duxford, England
Dyers Crossing, NSW, Australia
Dyffryn, England
Dymock, England
Dyraaba, NSW, Australia
Dysart, Scotland
Dysart, TAS, Australia