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Clifford Darcey Ewings

Lest We Forget

In honour of your Clifford Darcey Ewings we are giving you the opportunity to purchase, for only $15.00, this unique and highly collectable Anzac memorial certificate which can become a family treasure for future generations.

Once purchased, you can print out as many times as you wish your Anzac Centenary Customised Dedication Certificate and consider framing and hanging it on your wall in a pride of place.

You may use it as a keepsake or give it to other family members in remembrance of your Anzac

To purchase, simply follow the easy secure creditcard payment to obtain your Anzac Centenary Customised Dedication Certificate which has the following features:

  • Instantly available and ready for printing
  • Designed specifically for the Anzac Centenary
  • High print quality
  • High archival quality image
  • High image resolution
  • Full colour
  • Print and frame as A3 or A4
  • Ready for framing
  • Anzac's name
  • Anzac's Service Profile
  • Dedication name

    I wish to support the project by paying $15.00 for my Certificate as an expression of my appreciation to the Australia Remembers Anzac Journals Project in honouring our Anzacs and keeping their memory alive.

    After you make payment, the certificate will be immediately available for download.

    Supported by a NO QUESTIONS ASKED refund policy. If you are not happy with your certificate, just email us requesting a refund which will be processed immediately.

    Honouring Anzacs does not collect credit card details, all payments are processed securely by PIN Payments, Australia's first all-in-one online payment system