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Backhouse, Victor John    Create Anzac Certificate
Place of Birth: Braidwood, NSW, Australia

Service Number: 4432

Place of Enlistment: Holsworthy, NSW, Australia

Next of Kin: Backhouse, John (father)

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Gone but not forgotten
Submitted by: Karissa Richards

GG Uncle Vic,A young girl would visit her Nana's house in Bundaberg and look with curiosity at an old portrait of two handsome young soldiers that hung in her living room, and think who are these people? What do they have to do with my family ? Why do my family not talk about them? That young girl was me, my Nana your niece Launa Backhouse, the handsome men was you Uncle Vic and your brother, my Great Grandfather Leslie James Backhouse. I asked Nana one day, 'Little Nana, who are those two men'? She looked up and said quietly 'one is my father and one is my uncle', 'why are they on your wall'? A bit more quietly, she said 'they went to a war and one didn't come back'. What did that mean, 'not come back'??? I think this was the fist time I really learnt about war Uncle Vic, how someone in a family can just disappear and 'not come back', how a family can be so sad that it is not discussed and how a gap can be left in a family. Fate came our way Uncle Vic when your that portrait came my way and landed in my lap, that my curiosity got the better of me and I took the effort to find out your name, Victor John Backhouse. I found out you were only 20 years of age when you disappeared, that you worked in timber in Braidwood NSW, you were an excellent horseman, that you were the same height as me, that you died 90 years 1 day before my son was born, that you were not married nor had children, that you were missing in action with your body not recovered to date but most important of all, that your parents never gave up trying to find you. Their letters break my heart. I think your parents carried their sorrow for the rest of their lives, this may be why Nana spoke of your portrait with a quietness, you were gone but not forgotten, you are gone but not forgotten. XO.

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