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Roy, Charles William    Create Anzac Certificate
Place of Birth: Leichhardt, NSW, Australia

Service Number: 1403

Place of Enlistment: Liverpool, NSW, Australia

Next of Kin: Roy, Rebecca (mother)

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Charles William Roy - 1892 - 1917 - Lest We Forget
Submitted by: Irene Roy

 RIP Uncle Charles,
I'm sad I never got to meet you, I wouldn't have wanted you to suffer from your wounds.
I was lucky to have lived some of my life with your brother's, my father Leslie Angus Bradford Roy ... my dad ...
Uncle Bob, Robert McMillan Roy, he suffered from PTSD, they didn't know much about it them & said he was insane & put him in a Mental Hospital, the Army didn't treat him well really, he tried to cut his own throat, not a very big cut .... after reading his records I could understand some of it & this is my view only, when you were in Hospital & died, he was in another Hospital, Les was wounded in another Hospital, I think he must have felt very alone at the time. He was the most gentle person, he never married, didn't want to been a burden on anyone because he was sick for the rest of his life
I have a letter from Bob to my dad Les, about your death, Bob went to your Hospital & the Dr & Orderly explained to him what had happened to you, the Orderly took uncle Bob to your grave & put some flowers on it, took a photos of your grave & sent it to your mum .... she was none to happy about you dying either, she sent a letter to the army & told them that she didn't want your Medals, she want her son .... must have been so heart breaking for her to have 4 of her sons go off to war, you stayed behind with many of our young men, your brother Stanley Baden Powell Roy was ready to leave our shore, the end of the war saved him
When going through the your medical reports, you were pretty sick with infections etc, you had already been wounded, patched up then sent to the front again, this time not to recover, part of your death was because there was no blood to replace the blood you lost, when Les came back he donated blood for the rest of his life, got many other people to do the same, he also put his age up to 21yrs & 1 month old so he could enlist, he was 16 when he first tried to enlist ... he never slept well when I was growing up, had to drink a big glass of port & a very strong sleeping tablet to shut off the horrors of war, he wasn't very easy to live with at times, but a good person in his own right ...
Young Stanley ... when going through his papers, I knew your mum's signature, here is this little scrap of paper with, I give consent for my son to join the army ... signed R Roy ... little bugga sign his own consent letter, I was looking at it thinking that's not grandma's signature & got one of her letters ... sure enough it wasn't hers
Les & Stan together was funny at times, they love each other but argue ... they were both right, so they thought hahahaha
I am going to be lucky enough to come & pay my Respects to you on Anzac Day 2016 .... it is something I thought would never happen but it is, it's going to be very emotional & sad ... I have all grandma Rebecca's Medals of her boys plus Fred Pickering, I can turn my head & they are looking at me ... I've been knitting Poppies  to share with you & other fella's graves around you, so you all know you have never been forgotten
Until we meet again, your've never been forgotten & your cousins & uncles who have stay over sea with you, may you all Rest In Peace
Lest We Forget
From your niece
Irene Rebecca Roy :) X

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