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Honouring Anzacs invites you to join thousands of Australians to write a tribute to an Anzac from your family or community.

You can search any Anzac by of birth or where they enlisted.

Read their original records and experience the moment when these Anzacs signed their enlistment documents, swore their oaths of allegiance, had the colour of their eyes and hair checked as well as their height recorded.

See their original hand writing and sense the very moment when each Anzac joined the Australia Imperial Forces to fight for King and Country.

Join Honouring Anzacs today and record your tribute in the Centennial Commemorations of our Anzacs from the First World War.

Honour an Anzac and honour the sacrifice they made for Australia and our freedom.

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Honouring Anzacs welcomes your school to Anzacs in the Classroom an online resource of activities for teachers and students.

"Anzacs in the Classroom" allows students under the supervision of their teacher to adopt an Anzac and provides projects, activities and lessons aimed at helping students learn more about the Anzac they adopted.

Students will learn about the Anzac Oath, the location of Anzac Cove, the Anzac Spirit, the Gallipoli Story, the Battle of Lone Pine.

Each student will be able to write a "letter from home" and a "personal tribute" to their adopted Anzac. Teachers will be able to create their class lists, check each student's progress, make comments and sign off completed activities.

Students will be rewarded with online coloured certificates for every activity they complete. Certificates can be printed out as a permanent record to save for their classroom or books

As a special commemoration for Anzac Day, students will be invited to create an Anzac Day Certificate to honour their adopted Anzac. These special certificates could also be used by the school to commemorate Anzac Day.

Have your school register to join Anzacs in the Classroom by visiting the Honouring Anzacs website. Give your students the opportunity to Honour our Anzacs and to learn more about the sacrifices Anzacs made for our freedom.
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